Los Infantes Complex Restaurant

Los Infantes Complex in the centre of Santillana del Mar counts with one restaurant in each hotel: Two in Santillana Hotel and other two in Los Infantes Hotel. The hotels as well as their restaurants have the villa charming with a neatly decoration and delicious dishes.

Restaurants for groups in Santillana del Mar: buffet at Los Infantes Hotel

This restaurant is located on the ground floor of Los Infantes Hotel and it has a buffet for up to 150 people which is specially design to serve a big number of diners in a convenient, tidy and simple way. This diner is perfect for groups that are just passing through or groups over 30 people that are staying in the hotels.


For further information and for your convenience, we invite you to see the menu model buffet in the following file with its correspondent price.

Bread and beverages (wine and water) are included for groups and they are free every 20 diners.

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The cuisine is mostly traditional cantabrian cooking and it has a great variety of dishes. All our different dishes (meat, fish, soups, salads and desserts) are home made. Nevertheless, there are specially design dishes for specific tastes or more specific food trends such as the vegetarian.

Los infantes Hotel restaurant

On the main floor, Los Infantes Hotel has a restaurant for 35 diners on the main floor. It is a real pleasure to taste homemade specialties and traditional cantabrian cooking in a cozy and familiar environment accompanied by the warmth of its central fireplace.

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Santillana Hotel restaurant

Located at 25 meters from Los Infantes Hotel in the centre of Sanillana del Mar, this restaurant for up to 40 diners offers a variety of menus at a very reasonable price in an incomparable atmosphere. Decorated with period furniture, it conveys an image that combines the modern with the antique and makes of this small space a real unique restaurant.

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