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Two Vocal Concerts Today in Cantabria

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American Spiritual Ensemblease_foto_web

The most pure style of the Negro Spiritual. The famous American Spiritual Ensemble returns to Spain to offer at the International Festival of Santander the most native version of “American Negro Spiritual”, as an example of the definitive interculture over time. The fusion of African and European villages in the United States of American  from the late years of the XVIII Century and the first decades of the XIX make up an exemplary songbook that today we know thanks to the investigative and interpretive work of the hardworking groups, such as the American Spiritual Ensemble. The religious nostalgia of the Negro Spiritual is the intercultural proposal of this virtuous group of Americans that claims our sensibility to the pleasure of choral singing.

Duration for approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Where: El Palacio de Festivales, Sala Argenta, Santander
When: 21.00 hours
Various Prices  (Sigue leyendo.)

August 8th, Isidro Barrio plays the piano and the group Scola Gregoriana Brugensis sings

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Isidro Barrioisidro_barrio_web

From the Baroque Period to the great pianissimo of romantic Europe. One Spanish pianist defined by Leonard Bernstein as “an artist that interprets the old European style, full of grandeur and dignity”, Isidro Barrio, is today interpreter of the Spanish Baroque for antonomasia, that of the Sonatas of the father Soler, and is translator of the first romanticism that Beethoven constructed with his Sonata “Claro de luna” as well as devoted vehicle of romanticism of Franz Liszt with a selection of his poetic and religious harmonies, exquisite pianistic writing of the poetry of Lamartine.

Where: El Palacio de Festivales, Sala Pereda, Santander
When: 21.00 hours
Price: 20-30 euros

Scola Gregoriana Brugensis

Songs of happiness and thanksgiving. Songs of mass and craft for the feast of the Asunción de la Virgen María.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Today, the 2nd of August, a program in Santander and another in Puente Pumar, “Te cuento… una opera Otel(l)o” and “Idimelon.”

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An Otelo without age for a public without limitations.

One more time, nonchalantly, a nerve point and above all else a feeling of humor and tenderness, the opera converts an argument to tell a story. Or said in a more successful form: the stories allow us to get close to all the audience in the opera. And to the theatre. “I tell you… an opera. Otel(l)o”  offers us a challenge: to tell that which shouldn’t be told to someone who wants to listen. Playing to be little and to be older, to learn what is “to be jealous” and to enjoy, of course, the music of Verdi.

Written and directed-Gustavo Moral; Actors-Sandro Cordero, Gonzalo San Miguel, Gustavo Moral y Rebeca Diez; Tenor-Santiago Lanza; Voice and piano-Elena Ramos

Where: Argenta Hall, Palacio de Festivales, Santander

Time: 20.00 horas

Price: 5-10 euros

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The 29th-31st of July, A Representation of

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This fun comedy portrays the santander-teatro-casyc-l72history of a couple over time, as well as asking why is it so difficult to say “I love you” to a beloved person. Kiti Manver (Lola) and Jorge Roelas (Víctor) are a married couple that decide to separate after years of happiness and three children together. From that moment, their roads continue to cross during all of a decade, but only in those special occasions where neither can escape from the other. Little by little, they will realize that maybe they were mistaken in breaking up their relationship. How can they fix it now?

Where: Obra Social de Caja Cantabria Teatro CASYC, Santander
When: Today at 20.30 hours, July 30th at 20.00 and 22.30 hours, July 31st at 19.00 hours

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The Young Symphonic Orchestra of Cantabria JOSCAN, will play tonight in the CASYC Theatre of Santander

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The Young Symphonic Orchestra  santander-teatro-casyc-l7JOSCAN, born as an artistic educational program that, for the most part, consists of students of vocational and higher education of Cantabria. Along with the necessary pedagogic dimension of the project, and reality, the JOSCAN aims, as far as possible, to contribute to the enrichment of musical life of the region.

They will play works by Beethoven, Sibelius and Suppé for the official presentation of JOSCAN in Santander.


–       Obertura Egmont Op.84  de L.V. Beethoven
–       Sinfonía nº 1 en Do M. Op. 21 de L.V. Beethoven
–       Poema sinfónico Finlandia Op. 26  de J. Sibelius
–       Cabellería ligera  de F.V. Suppé

Director: Emilio Otero Palacio

Where: CASYC Theatre

Time: 22.00 hours

Price: 5 euros

Info obtained here.
Photo from here.

International Programs in August in Santander

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During the month of August there will be many cultural events in Santander, one every day until the 26th. I will make daily announcements so that you will know what occurs during those nights.

negro_goya_webAccording to the webpage: The program of the 60th edition of the International Festival of Santander is integrated of an intense program of summer events and festivals that try to elicit the history of our European tradition with the future cross-cultural appeal that appears in the new Europe. From the first to the 26 of August more than 60 artistic presentations that you will be able to enjoy both in the Festival Palace of Cantabria as well as in the historic settings.

Information and photo obtained from the webpage. Go there if you would like more info.

The photograph ‘My Double’ is the winner of the first marathon photo

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The photograph titled ‘My double’ Jesusdelhoyo user has won the jury prize photo first marathon which was held this weekend. Furthermore, the instant ‘puppy Maya’, the user SantanderM has been the most votes after registering 167 voters. Votes cast after the end of the contest will have no value.

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The National Ballet of Cuba began the tour stops in Santander

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The National Ballet of Cuba begins its European tour today in Madrid with ‘Swan Lake’, one of the classic “favorite” of his choreographer Alicia Alonso, who presented his show, a synthesized version of Tchaikovsky’s work in three acts and an epilogue. The tour will stop in October in Santander, in the season of the Festival Hall which begins this weekend.

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Atapuerca in Santander

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The most relevant findings from the site of Atapuerca calling at Santander in the hand of the exhibition ‘Atapuerca and human evolution’, a retrospective organized by the Junta de Castilla y Leon Spain Fund sponsorship and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Government of Cantabria.

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‘The night is young’ starts the day 23 with 42 educational workshops

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‘The night is young’ starts again on 23 with many new features aimed at providing an alternative nightlife. This matches the twenty-first edition, which runs until 12 December, with the tenth anniversary of this program, fully consolidated within the youth Santander, explained Councilman Samuel Ruiz.

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