Golf is a game aimed at introducing a ball into each of holes distributed in the field in the lowest number of strokes, each stroke using one of a set of sticks. By practicing golf is called golfer. Golf has its origins in the fifteenth century in Scotland, there are pastors entertained with sticks hitting boulders until you reach a goal. Over time, these pastors have perfected the game and introduced the first rules.

Golf is practiced in a field or field of natural grass outdoors. Unlike many sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface. A golf course occupies a large area and is usually 9 or 18 partial routes. At the end of each of these routes there is a hole in the surface which has a diameter of 107.9 mm, by extension, each of the routes is also called partial hole. The order of travel of the holes on the court gives its name to each: 1 hole, 2 hole, and so on. pit to pit 18 or 9 as appropriate. In some areas of the golf holes are also other names are taken from memorial or any of its features: its difficulty, its design, names of flowers, etc..

For reference, the golf courses are divided into two main categories:

  • Professional field: according to the rules of USGA (United States Golf Association) is one in which the total sum of the distances of them measuring 18-holes at the exit of the black marks of “tees” out-surpass the 7,000 yards (6400.81 m).
  • Countryside tourism executive: are those who do not exceed the 7,000-yard (6400.81 m).

To begin each hole, players are placed in a small area, horizontal and with very short grass tee called out from where it is the first stroke of each hole. In it are placed four pairs of rods, which define the distance from which you can place the ball to start playing the hole. In descending order of distance from the hole, a pair of white bars, one yellow, one blue and one red. Leaving red ladies and children, and yellow knights. The blue is usually the output of professional ladies, and the white knights professionals. In each field, you may decide to vary these criteria in time for various reasons.

The tee gets its name alluding to the small element (called a tee in English, pronounced ti) which is nailed into the ground on which the ball is used exclusively for the first stroke of each hole.

The route between the tee and the area where the hole, which can be straight or angled to one side (in English dogleg), consists of two types of surfaces: the street (in fairway) is a good area of grass cut, where players can hit the ball more easily, and the rough (rough in English), an area less cared about, which is high grass, often simply natural. Players normally try your ball does not ever go sour for the next blow to the ball easier. Moreover, usually the design of the holes with the ball resting on the fairway, so that the next blow to reach its goal without additional difficulties.

The pit is located in the green, a limited area where the terrain is smooth, but very well may have undulations and the grass is thin and very short. The position of the hole into the green may vary. So players can know where it is located away from the pit, he has placed inside a flag pole with the fine, which is approximately 2 m in height. The greens have two main areas: the area to the area without a flag and flag. The areas are those without a flag where the hole can not be placed for repairs or because the game still to exceed 3%, and it can not locate the hole at a distance from the edge of the green is less than the distance the mast.

To hinder the game in the streets, especially around the greens, are different types of obstacles: holes grass or sand and water obstacles. Holes in sand or grass called bunker and its depth is very variable, the most common obstacles are the sand. The barriers of water, called water hazard in English, may be lakes or racing. They are less numerous than the sand and are usually not present in all holes of a tour. Moreover, in the fields of modern or new construction, the vegetation is also used as a “natural barrier”. Thus, strategically placed trees, even in the middle of the street, adding difficulty to the pit.

The difficulty of the hole is measured by a variety of factors: the number and position of traps, placement of trees, slope, length from the tee and green, the difficulty of the rough (rough in English ), the ratio of surface streets and rough surface, the visibility of the green from various angles, the horizontal surface of the green, etc..


There are 10 golf courses in Cantabria:

  • In Camargo-Maliaño found Parayas Club is located inside the golf course consisting of 9 holes.
  • In Campoo Enmedio – Nestares is Nestares the golf course has 18 holes.
  • Comillas is located in the golf Rovacias consisting of 9 holes.
  • At Navy-Cudeyo Pedreña include Junquera the golf course that consists of 9 holes and the Royal Golf Pedreña you have 18 9
  • At Navy-Cudeyo Rubaya is escuentra Campo Ramón Sota consisting of 9 holes.
  • In Miengo-Mogro is Abra del Pas which consists of 15 holes.
  • In San Vicente de la Barquera-La Revilla is the golf course of Santa Marina, consisting of 18 holes.
  • Santander is in the field of Mataleñas consisting of 9 holes.
  • Valdáliga-yew is the golf course on the dunes of Oyambre consisting of 9 holes.

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