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Two Vocal Concerts Today in Cantabria

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American Spiritual Ensemblease_foto_web

The most pure style of the Negro Spiritual. The famous American Spiritual Ensemble returns to Spain to offer at the International Festival of Santander the most native version of “American Negro Spiritual”, as an example of the definitive interculture over time. The fusion of African and European villages in the United States of American  from the late years of the XVIII Century and the first decades of the XIX make up an exemplary songbook that today we know thanks to the investigative and interpretive work of the hardworking groups, such as the American Spiritual Ensemble. The religious nostalgia of the Negro Spiritual is the intercultural proposal of this virtuous group of Americans that claims our sensibility to the pleasure of choral singing.

Duration for approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Where: El Palacio de Festivales, Sala Argenta, Santander
When: 21.00 hours
Various Prices  (Sigue leyendo.)

Today, Three Concerts Around Cantabria

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J. Javier Gastón50 anniversary ampueroof the death of Jesús Guridi

The organist J. Javier Gastón, presents a historic panorama of organ music in which the figure of Jesús Guridi permeates the three programs of an anthological cycle, in order to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of his death.

Where: El Santuario de La Bien Aparecida, Ampuero
When: 19.00 hours

Carmina Burana

The version of the masterpiece of the composer Carl Orff that you will hear in Laredo summarizes the 15 choral episodes that form his Carmina Burana, with original accompaniment of two pianos and percussion. The verses are located in a Benedictine monastery of Beuren, a German town of Bavaria, and above all else, in the Latin of the Middle Ages. Orff has written one of the most beautiful and imaginative musical pages combining old styles with the most exciting piano and percussive timbre of the present.  (Sigue leyendo.)

The Young Symphonic Orchestra of Cantabria JOSCAN, will play tonight in the CASYC Theatre of Santander

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The Young Symphonic Orchestra  santander-teatro-casyc-l7JOSCAN, born as an artistic educational program that, for the most part, consists of students of vocational and higher education of Cantabria. Along with the necessary pedagogic dimension of the project, and reality, the JOSCAN aims, as far as possible, to contribute to the enrichment of musical life of the region.

They will play works by Beethoven, Sibelius and Suppé for the official presentation of JOSCAN in Santander.


–       Obertura Egmont Op.84  de L.V. Beethoven
–       Sinfonía nº 1 en Do M. Op. 21 de L.V. Beethoven
–       Poema sinfónico Finlandia Op. 26  de J. Sibelius
–       Cabellería ligera  de F.V. Suppé

Director: Emilio Otero Palacio

Where: CASYC Theatre

Time: 22.00 hours

Price: 5 euros

Info obtained here.
Photo from here.

International Programs in August in Santander

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During the month of August there will be many cultural events in Santander, one every day until the 26th. I will make daily announcements so that you will know what occurs during those nights.

negro_goya_webAccording to the webpage: The program of the 60th edition of the International Festival of Santander is integrated of an intense program of summer events and festivals that try to elicit the history of our European tradition with the future cross-cultural appeal that appears in the new Europe. From the first to the 26 of August more than 60 artistic presentations that you will be able to enjoy both in the Festival Palace of Cantabria as well as in the historic settings.

Information and photo obtained from the webpage. Go there if you would like more info.

Tonight at the Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar: A Concert of the Meeting of Music and the Academy of Santander

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The Eleventh Meeting of Music and thesantillana-del-mar-cantabria-rural-turismo-26 Academy of Santander comes to Santillana del Mar

The festival brings music to the beautiful setting of the Cloister of the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana in Santillana del Mar, where viewers can enjoy a concert of classical music at 21:00.

Works of: Camille Saint-Saëns, Robert Schumann, Tiberiu Olah, Krzysztof Penderecki, Max Bruch, Franz Waxman, Félix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy.

Interpreted by: Pálfi Csaba (clarinet), Antonio Ortiz (piano), Ugne Tiskute (viola), Ofelia Montalvá (piano) and Jonathan Weigle (cello)

Where: Collegiate of Santillana del Mar

Time: 21:00 hours

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DI Projects introduces us to a world of Interior Design throughdiseno-interiores a sample intended to deepen the constant aesthetic search that floods our daily universe and results in a tireless work that connects technological innovation and beauty, by involving one artistic vision to the last detail of our micro worlds: the home, the office, the restaurant, the library… in our present society.

Furniture and Interior Design, that looks for an equilibrium of the individual with the space around and displays its creative and magical aura,  has the ability to transform an empty space into a livable place full of culture.

DI Projects reinvented for us the Contemporánea RC (in the
Diocesan Museum of Regina Coeli).

Conjuro Program 2011: Culture in Santillana del Mar from July to October

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Here we present to you the complete Conjuro Program of 2011.  There are more cultural events in Santillana but this one contains interesting examples. Over the days I will show you all the different events, workshops and exhibitions so that you can enjoy all of your cultural interests in Santillana. Here is the complete program:


– Puchi Incera

“Tientos del querer”1-24 July/Contemporánea RC (in the Diocesan Museum Regina Coeli)

“Maldito tus ojos negros” 1-28 August/ El Torco Gallery – Suances

– Di Proyectos

“Interior Design: Art and Modernity” 1- 28 August

-Marga Sáiz  (Sigue leyendo.)

Rafa Prada presents his exhibition

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The Spanish flag, as such, acts for society as a whole a forced banderas-comunidadesrejection that responds to historical reasons. There only exists some situations that make our national flag appear released from its political and social duty, as occurred in the last Football World Cup in 2010.

Rafa Prada presents an induction that proposes a fictional situation, a prior state of the utilization of flags, completing this with the active participation of the spectator, that closes with its relation as an icon.

50 industrial flags of Spain  (Sigue leyendo.)

Conjuro 2011: Cultural Program from June to October in Santillana del Mar

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Today, 06 of June, begins the Conjuro program in Santillana del Mar with puchi-incera-en-santillana-del-marthe inauguration of the exhibition of Puchi Incera “Tiempos del Querer” at 19.30. You may visit the works from 01 to the 24 of June in the Contemporánea RC room (Diocesan Museum of Regina Coeli).

From Puchi Incera: With painting, I try to command the chaos of my ideas. They are like schemes that enclose diverse content and at the same time, opens its branches. There are some verses with a lot of words condensed into one or various colorful images, whose source is experience and memory. The paintings are continuous self-portraits, a form of psychoanalysis or looking at the interior of an individual, in a search without an end. It is a way of apprenticeship where manual activity and intellectual decision interact.

This year there will be seven exhibitions  (Sigue leyendo.)

Soplao and Adventure-Tourism in Santander

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For those that are daring, El Soplao offers a fantastic way to know elsoplaothe depth of the underground world. A route of 2,5 hours in which visitors will travel the galleries of Campamento, the Órgano and Bosque and, among all, walking on the original floor and least accessible zones of the cave. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the variety of formations and the diversity of spaces.

  • The organization provides the adequate equipment for the visit: helmet with a light, suit and water boots.
  • Those less than 12 years old will not be permitted.  (Sigue leyendo.)
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