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Maritime Museum cantabria

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In the heart of the Bay of Santander, on the seafront, the new Maritime Museum offers visitors Cantabric one of the richest and varied proposals museum dedicated to the sea and the men who hold the existence, in grappling with it, how many are offered in Spain.

It has large, modern aquarium and more than three thousand square meters of exhibition showing all forms of man’s relationship with the sea over time.
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The Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian live birth of the first shark Musoles its history

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The Museum of the Cantabrian Sea (MMC) has witnessed this week the birth in captivity of seven pups Musoles, a shark species threatened. This is an important milestone in the history of the museum as it is the first generation of this type of shark that is born at the facility Santander, which already aquarium with nine copies of Musoles.
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