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On October 31 the market will take place Pasiego Aloños.

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Pas Valley Cantabria

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In the valley of the Pas find traces in the historical traces left by the first inhabitants of the Lower Paleolithic, medium and high in the caves of Mount Castle Bridge Viesgo. Other archaeological surveys have not provided significant material even though it is known the existence of a Roman road that connected with Portus Juliobriga Victoriae (Santander), which fell by entering the port of the shield in this Valley.
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Miera Valley Cantabria

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The first human settlements in the Valley of Miera are evident in the remains found at Cueva del Rascaño in Mirones, dating from the Aurignacian period (30,000 BP), have since witnessed the Solutrean occupations (19,000 BP) and azilense (AP 9000).

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Pisueña Valley Cantabria

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In the valley of Pisueña found no traces of human occupation prior to the medieval period although there are areas close to the important set of Puente Viesgo with prehistoric remains of the Paleolithic or earlier in the Lower Cave at Salitre Miera and in the mountains Cabarga of where remains have been found, such as boiler Cabárceno, copper container that was used to mine workings. These findings force us to think that this valley had to be inhabited or at least be known by these men during the prehistoric times and in later times, though not until the beginning of the Middle Ages when they appear the first and remains the earliest written references of this valley.
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Valles Pasiegos – Cantabria

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One of the most beautiful places of the Cantabria region Pasiega, a place that retains its tradition and culture with distinct character and culture of the mountain the rest of Cantabria, where one of his most marked traits has been the isolation, so by which retain intact until very recently many of their customs.
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