Beautiful town located in the heart of Cantabria, 30 km south of Santander, in the Shire called “Pas Valley, on the River Pas.
It has, since Roman times, the junction of main roads that cross the region.

It is without a doubt one of the largest sites of landscape and human personality throughout the region. Includes the places of the loops, Vargas, AES, Daughters and Puente Viesgo, which gives its name to the entire City Council.

And sure you want to know that you can eat in these lands, there are some suggestions: legumes complete (mountain stew, black beans) among cattle sends meat, and dessert if you have still hungry, the quesada pasiega and soba. Deserve special mention for cheeses, such as cream made from cow’s milk; sure when this one a try repetiréis.


Points of Interest

The real fame of the place because it is given Nearby is Mount Castle, which enjoys one of the sets of Upper Paleolithic cave paintings in the world, with four caves are discovered paintings and engravings of animal representations, all them of great interest.
Another attraction of this town are the wonderful thermal waters of Spa, which attracts visitors eager to improve their physical health, and relax in a scenic really valuable. Its effectiveness can be proved that the selection of both Spanish football, basketball and handball have focused on this spa several times.
If we like walking, it is worth to take this opportunity and follow path along the river Pas, until Ontaneda and Estrambasmestas, watching the manicured meadows, cottages and life habits of pasiegos.
Another entertainment option is sport fishing for salmon, between March and July. The river is divided into seven fishing preserves where you can practice. His well-deserved reputation attracts fishing season in Spain hoping to get some of the catch, on a limited, are available every day.
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