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August 8th, Isidro Barrio plays the piano and the group Scola Gregoriana Brugensis sings

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Isidro Barrioisidro_barrio_web

From the Baroque Period to the great pianissimo of romantic Europe. One Spanish pianist defined by Leonard Bernstein as “an artist that interprets the old European style, full of grandeur and dignity”, Isidro Barrio, is today interpreter of the Spanish Baroque for antonomasia, that of the Sonatas of the father Soler, and is translator of the first romanticism that Beethoven constructed with his Sonata “Claro de luna” as well as devoted vehicle of romanticism of Franz Liszt with a selection of his poetic and religious harmonies, exquisite pianistic writing of the poetry of Lamartine.

Where: El Palacio de Festivales, Sala Pereda, Santander
When: 21.00 hours
Price: 20-30 euros

Scola Gregoriana Brugensis

Songs of happiness and thanksgiving. Songs of mass and craft for the feast of the Asunción de la Virgen María.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Today, Three Concerts Around Cantabria

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J. Javier Gastón50 anniversary ampueroof the death of Jesús Guridi

The organist J. Javier Gastón, presents a historic panorama of organ music in which the figure of Jesús Guridi permeates the three programs of an anthological cycle, in order to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of his death.

Where: El Santuario de La Bien Aparecida, Ampuero
When: 19.00 hours

Carmina Burana

The version of the masterpiece of the composer Carl Orff that you will hear in Laredo summarizes the 15 choral episodes that form his Carmina Burana, with original accompaniment of two pianos and percussion. The verses are located in a Benedictine monastery of Beuren, a German town of Bavaria, and above all else, in the Latin of the Middle Ages. Orff has written one of the most beautiful and imaginative musical pages combining old styles with the most exciting piano and percussive timbre of the present.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Soplao and Adventure-Tourism in Santander

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For those that are daring, El Soplao offers a fantastic way to know elsoplaothe depth of the underground world. A route of 2,5 hours in which visitors will travel the galleries of Campamento, the Órgano and Bosque and, among all, walking on the original floor and least accessible zones of the cave. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the variety of formations and the diversity of spaces.

  • The organization provides the adequate equipment for the visit: helmet with a light, suit and water boots.
  • Those less than 12 years old will not be permitted.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Passacaglia and bagpipes free concert of Europe today, at the Teatro Concha Espina

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Torrelavega will host a new stage on Friday the first meeting of European bagpipes, with a concert at the Teatro Municipal Concha Espina, in which groups will play throughout the continental geography with the “objective to disseminate and promote among the Cantabrian that feeling of Europe” , as the slogan of the organizers. The event will begin at half past six o’clock, opposite the Town Hall, with a parade of the pipe band ‘The Mountain’, which will put music to the bustling street and downtown city, followed by the concert, entitled ‘Juell, which will begin at the Municipal Theater Concha Espina at eight-thirty in the afternoon and in which groups will bring together major European bagpipes and will mix all styles of bagpipe music that exist in the continent . The entrance to this event is free to cover the capacity of the theater.

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On October 31 the market will take place Pasiego Aloños.

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Udalla, Town of Cantabria 2009

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The integration of spaces, the recovery of small corners and will of its neighbors to maintain the natural values and preserve the traditional buildings have been some of the arguments that have led to Udalla to become this year’s award ‘People of Cantabria ‘.

The jury’s decision was announced yesterday by Minister of Public Works, Jose Maria Mazon, at a press conference since he phoned in directly to village headman of the village, Pedro Cano. Follows from their expressions of joy by the attainment of this award: “I imagine to what you call. How is the milk.

Information obtained from www.

The award, € 150,000, will be delivered in spring. Until then, Cano agreed to accelerate the projects still under way so that Udalla is ready to review and the official photo.

The jury has not been easy to pick a winner, said the adviser. Eleven candidates were submitted, which, in his opinion, this award reinforces that now celebrates its fifth year and almost multiplied by three the first participants (4 in its first edition). Among the arguments for giving Udalla the prize, the jury highlighted the recovery of private and public architectural heritage, the revitalization of the natural environment and, above all, the willingness of its neighbors to maintain these values over time and defending local goods.

As examples, the jury cited the rehabilitation of the chapel, bowling alley and laundry, the ornamentation of small squares with sculptures such as that on the pasiegos and salmon fishing. Adds other details such as the rehabilitation and construction of rides, taste in furniture, the undergrounding of electrical power and adequate signage.

The award ‘People of Cantabria’ aims to promote and support recovery, improvement and maintenance of the peoples of the region, as part of the defense of traditional values, natural and ecological environment, heritage, culture and art and quality of life of citizens.

Eleven candidates

This year there were eleven candidates: Liérganes, Naveda, fawn, Ruente, Udall, The Shipyard, Comillas, Esles, Sopena, Tresviso and Barcena. In each and every one of them the jury has made some considerations reflected in the minutes, after visiting several times each locality and analyze projects.

From Liérganes notes that upper hand by being a recognized historic but highlights the actions undertaken with the collaboration of different administrations. Of the states that is cozy, comfortable and enjoyable.

The environment of great value and architectural heritage of the XVII and XVIII, are some of the highlights of Naveda. The effort to preserve them and the renovation of the plaza.

The jury also appreciated the effort and dedication of Cervatos neighbors to improve their public spaces and restore the architectural heritage of Ruente while extolling the economic effort made to rehabilitate its architectural heritage and value the natural and cultural heritage.

The Shipyard and surprised last year for his work to recover the people in their areas architectural, industrial and social environment. In this issue the jury emphasized the Digital Park. Full of interesting and describe the proposed actions to recover Quotes with unknown environments and harmonizes flawlessly relevant areas.

For Esles, the jury found the high value of the proceedings and the potential of the core with buildings of varied types. Affirms that the proposed Sopeña marks the beginning of the recovery of a people declared Historic. Emphasizes the recovery of schools and the management of green spaces. Dual advantage, given its remoteness, attributed to Tresviso, from which the jury says that the actions carried out have completely transformed this village and common sense.

For Barcena appreciates the nomination but the jury understood to be forfeited in its entirety to highlight the value of all property aspects, cultural and natural.

Habitat The fair will be held between 22 and 25 October

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Habitat Fair 2009 takes place eventually, between 22 and 25 October next, fulfilling this way the exhibition calendar for this difficult year that has passed through the Exhibition Center of Cantabria, nominative entity, not real, by the adoption of the dissolution of the Partnership that was valid until Friday. With this exhibition fair will close the year and step by leaving the sample Juvecant in December. 2010 it will reach with uncertainty and new projects for the exhibition The Dairy which shall become the exclusive municipal jurisdiction.

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Free admission to Pena Cabarga for children under 12 years.

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The Complejo Los Infantes, includes the Hotel Los Infantes ***,  Hotel Santillana *** and  Annex Los Infantes *** may obtain free tickets for Pena Cabarga for children under 12 years.

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It is the second largest population of Cantabria, located within 25 km of Santander on the motorway.
Is marked by a crossroads, where he concluded the main roads in the region. This town is the start of the new motorway access to the plateau, which has improved communications in a fundamental way for all Cantabria. It also crosses the road there Bilbao-Oviedo.

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Puente Viesgo

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Beautiful town located in the heart of Cantabria, 30 km south of Santander, in the Shire called “Pas Valley, on the River Pas.
It has, since Roman times, the junction of main roads that cross the region.

It is without a doubt one of the largest sites of landscape and human personality throughout the region. Includes the places of the loops, Vargas, AES, Daughters and Puente Viesgo, which gives its name to the entire City Council.

And sure you want to know that you can eat in these lands, there are some suggestions: legumes complete (mountain stew, black beans) among cattle sends meat, and dessert if you have still hungry, the quesada pasiega and soba. Deserve special mention for cheeses, such as cream made from cow’s milk; sure when this one a try repetiréis.


Points of Interest

The real fame of the place because it is given Nearby is Mount Castle, which enjoys one of the sets of Upper Paleolithic cave paintings in the world, with four caves are discovered paintings and engravings of animal representations, all them of great interest.
Another attraction of this town are the wonderful thermal waters of Spa, which attracts visitors eager to improve their physical health, and relax in a scenic really valuable. Its effectiveness can be proved that the selection of both Spanish football, basketball and handball have focused on this spa several times.
If we like walking, it is worth to take this opportunity and follow path along the river Pas, until Ontaneda and Estrambasmestas, watching the manicured meadows, cottages and life habits of pasiegos.
Another entertainment option is sport fishing for salmon, between March and July. The river is divided into seven fishing preserves where you can practice. His well-deserved reputation attracts fishing season in Spain hoping to get some of the catch, on a limited, are available every day.
Information obtained from www.cantabriarural.com

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