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August 2 until September 11, Photography of José García Pérez in San Vicente de la Barquera

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Photograph Exhibition 4381_1135-luzyagua“Luz y agua” by José García Pérez

José García Pérez, photographer and manager of Foto San Vicente, displays in the Castillo del Rey in San Vicente de la Barquera, under the title of “Luz y agua,” a sample of his extensive work. One significant part of the exhibition is made of his panoramic vision of San Vicente de la Barquera, showing the architectural heritage and landscape of the town, completing the exhibition with a photograph of the author much more personal and intimate, where he shows his artistic capabilities to translate into a photograph that which he feels.

Where: Castillo del Rey (Sala de exposiciones), San Vicente de la Barquera
When: 10.00 – 20.00 hors, August 2 until September 11

Info from “el diario montaés” on the web and the photo from here.

At eight knots in the “Zamna”

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In the “Zamna” someone humming a song. Sounds like Jorge Sepulveda. And Vital alsaro while driving maneuvers to leave the waterfront of Santander, becomes that whisper a song to stick to a speaker’s mouth. ‘Santander, are novia del mar “was the kiss goodbye the crew of the trimaran, the city gave her last sailing the bay. It began, he left after five days in the Cantabrian capital, the longest stay of any that will alsaro Vital crew in their long journey that will take them to Greece. This is mid November. But to reach the final of the ports, the trimaran has yet to fill many pages of the logbook. Yesterday, in the voyage to San Vicente de la Barquera, no doubt recorded in black ink is a collection of anecdotes.

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The ‘Zamna’ Vital alsaro and sails to San Vicente

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San Vicente de la Barquera is preparing to welcome today the day the sailor Vital alsaro beside the boat and crew of Zamna ‘, after leaving this morning from the port of Santander.

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They put forward the legal status of golf Oyambre for not replenishing the dunes

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‘The purpose of the procedure has lost its meaning. ” Well justified Valdáliga City Council yesterday, the Government of Cantabria, the Ministry of Environment and Silver Eagle Company, its requests for dismissal of the lawsuit filed by Ecologists in Action to close the golf course and are restored Oyambre dunes. And “no sense”, said the four, because the National Court has recognized the company with an administrative concession on those lands.

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Seafood festival, from September 25 to October 4

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The competition’s Seafood of San Vicente de la Barquera, the most important gourmet between various conferences that take place in the town throughout the year, already have dates for their celebration.

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The exploits of the ‘Yellow Bird’, a beacon of San Vicente

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In the afternoon yesterday opened at the lighthouse at Punta de la Silla de San Vicente de la Barquera the exhibition ‘The Yellow Bird Oyambre: 80 years of a historic flight (1929-2009)’, sample collecting through photographs, illustrations, panels and a DVD, development of the first transatlantic flight that landed in Spain, specifically in Oyambre beach.

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Its privileged situation as it is in the center of the Cantabrian coast, 27 km east of Santander. It is one of the most beautiful in the region.
This town is ready to welcome all types of tourists and holidaymakers, because since the sixties has become one of the traditional holiday of Biscay.

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Coast and interior is blended into Cobreces to paint a town with a strong personality, where past and future coexist with particular expertise. Although tourism brings large neighboring Comillas, worth visiting this place to see its Cistercian abbey, its grand neo-Gothic church dedicated to St. Peter Advincula or visit the beautiful beach Luaña.

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Suances municipality comprises the towns of Suances, Cortiguera, Hinojedo, Ongay, Puente-kits and Tagle, forming a coastal environment of great beauty, located in western Cantabria about 30 km from Santander. A green washed by the Cantabrian Sea for its captivating landscapes and places of entertainment.

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San Vicente de la Barquera

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Located on the western coast of Cantabria, San Vicente de la Barquera is a municipality in its 41 square miles just combines all the values and appeal of the Green Spain: a remarkable architectural heritage, historical significance, an exceptional natural environment, a recognized cuisine and a great folk tradition that is reflected in its many festivals and artistic events.
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