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Free admission to park Cabarceno for children under 12 years

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The Complejo Los Infantes, includes the Hotel Los Infantes ***,   Hotel Santillana *** and  Annex Los Infantes *** may obtain free tickets for Cabarceno Park for children under 12 years.
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Cabárceno is involved in the recovery of Cuvier’s gazelle

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A herd of 19 specimens of Cuvier’s gazelle has just joined the Nature Park Cabárceno, where it will be a study of behavior and adaptation. This North African species is seriously endangered and Cabárceno wants to collaborate on an ambitious project that has been launched for captive breeding.

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A Day in the Park Cabárceno. Recommendations

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Hello everybody,
Nothing better to recommend a place to visit first and so I did. First note that entries can be drawn in the same hotel for a euro less than the cost at the box office. There are also some very important recommendations that I should not miss the visit of the park Cabárceno:

  • Technical flight birds of prey: the show is not wasted. Upon entering the park, provides a map of the site as well as such events in the same brochure. It is important to find the time (I abjo more hours) to first release and you get a good second place. The event takes place in an amphitheater, the best location is on the right side when viewed from the front from where they enter. Please be assured that the birds fly and stay very close even more impressed.
  • Demonstration with sea lions: This event is spectacular, it is also important to get a little time to watch either. Pass .. is to see it.
  • Bears: Because there are  (Sigue leyendo.)

Cabarceno’s Park

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he spectacular scenery of karst geological Cabárceno, almost lunar, located in the western sector of the massif Cabarga Peña turned in 1989 to create a large zoo, in recent years become one of the most attractive tourist sites in Cantabria.

The Nature Park of Cabárceno is part of a larger protected area, the Parque Natural de Peña Cabarga. Within it, Cabárceno Park can be visited at length with great comfort, since it has a dense network of paved runways (17 miles) allowing its travel by car. And there are alternative routes that can be traveled only on foot or by bicycle.

The park, like all solid Cabarga Peña, is formed by limestone rocks that have experienced complex processes of karst dissolution, with at present a truly original and interesting aspect from the geomorphological point of view.

Within the vast enclosure of the Park there is a full and varied representation of fauna, which does not lack some of the native animals of Cantabria: bears, wolves, tigers, deer, roe deer, chamois, wild boar … But it is undoubtedly the exotic fauna protagonist.

In the park you can see elephants, hippos, tigers, lions, zebras, kangaroos, ostriches, hyenas, giraffes, camels, dromedaries, llamas, antelopes, rhinos, monkeys …

Cabárceno features compared to other zoos, for large spaces available to the animals, allowing their development and contemplation in an environment with several lakes natural.Además place for trout fishing. As a complement to its facilities, there is a reptilarium with a specialized collection of snakes.

Finally mention other park facilities: panorómicos lookouts, walking areas, playground, catering complex, parking and souvenir shops
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