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Cantabria for its privileged location in the central northern part of the peninsula occupies an area where home landscapes and ecosystems, the most exquisite products of the land and sea.

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The Cantabrians eating more and better

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The diet of Cantabrian has undergone some changes in the last two years toward healthier habits. It is now more frequent consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish, and not taken as often fast food. By gender, women are on a diet richer in fruits and vegetables and less falling into the temptation of fast food.

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The IEO tested in aquaculture the remedy to the crisis of the anchovy

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The question that hangs over the future of the Bay of Biscay anchovy can be solved in three years if, as it appears, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) achieves one anchovy breed in captivity will have the same fat, texture and flavor than the anchovy most valued today for its quality and price.

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Journalists Italians know the pomace, cheese and honey Liébana

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The Study Center Don Roberto Gomez Lebaniegos Sign in Potes, welcomed the visit of Italian journalists in their journey across land Liébana Cantabria.

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Typical products of Cantabria

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Typical dishes
• Cooked Montanes
• Cooked Lebaniegos
• Anchovies Santoña
• Sobaos
• Quesada
• Ties Unquera
• Cheese Tresviso
• Marc

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Biscay anchovy … What pool?

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The Government of Cantabria has authorized an agreement with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography for conducting a feasibility study for the cultivation of anchovy supplies destined for the canning industry and for use as live bait which is funded with 176,350 Euros.

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Typical dishes: baked mountain (based on beans and cabbage), cooked lebaniego (chickpeas), pot, pot and sorropotún railway as highlights.

Meat: cow, ox, deer, roe deer and wild boar. Prepared on the grill, or stewed with vegetables.

Reputation livestock in the region and its terrain and weather conditions favorable for breeding of cattle led to the European Union adopted the name “meat Cantabria” as “protected geographical indication” for certain beef breeds (Tudanca, Monchina and Asturiana Asturiana and valleys of the mountain) and others as appropriate to the medium (Sedan) or integrated absorption (Pardo alpina).

Seafood: anchovies Santoña, Colindres, Laredo and Castro Urdiales, monkfish, hake, sea bass or sole, horse mackerel, sardines, anchovies, albacore, sea bream, sea bream, cabracho, besides mullet fish like trout and river salmon. Rabasa (squid to Roman) and Cachón in ink (sepia). As for seafood are: clams, mussels, muergos (knives), cockles, Necora, crabs, barnacles, lobsters, crawfish, lobster or Caracolillos.

Desserts: pasiegos Quesada and soba, and frisuelos balls of the Antichrist in the area lebaniega (similar to crepes), ties Unquera, polkas in Torrelavega (both are basically puff pastry), sacristans in Liérganes, Palucos of Cabezón de la Sal and pantortillas Reinosa.

Cheese: cheese-picón of Bejes Tresviso, quesucos of Liebana, cream cheese, etc.. (many with denomination of origin).

Drink apple cider and pomace Liebana, with its varieties (cream pomace pomace with honey, herbs pomace, etc..) Chacoli tostadillo and Potes