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International Programs in August in Santander

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During the month of August there will be many cultural events in Santander, one every day until the 26th. I will make daily announcements so that you will know what occurs during those nights.

negro_goya_webAccording to the webpage: The program of the 60th edition of the International Festival of Santander is integrated of an intense program of summer events and festivals that try to elicit the history of our European tradition with the future cross-cultural appeal that appears in the new Europe. From the first to the 26 of August more than 60 artistic presentations that you will be able to enjoy both in the Festival Palace of Cantabria as well as in the historic settings.

Information and photo obtained from the webpage. Go there if you would like more info.

Medieval Market in Santillana del Mar- Cantabria

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This time with a twist as it is called “The Marketplace of the three cultures.”


What does this mean? It is very much the same but more attractive. It has the usual medieval market in Santillana del Mar but with very interesting performances of music, dance, comedy and theater. It really looks great. According to the city council: Angel Rodriguez has maintained that “the framework of Santillana del Mar is a unique setting to recreate a journey into the past, with  Romans and Arabs, where falconry displays, druids, belly dancers, stilt walkers and warriors are mixed to return to life historical characters from the past that one day lived in the Villa. ” So enjoy!!  Its full of surprises!

The Cantabrian Wars, the best regional party

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After months of voting among more than a thousand of celebrations spread over throughout the country, organizing the election of the seven best festivals in Spain reported the outcome in which the Cantabrian Wars party of Los Corrales de Buelna has finished in a magnificent eighteenth position of national ranking and first in the region of Cantabria. There has been, but the Association Cantabrian Wars (aguec), feels “more than satisfied” with the result.

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The beer runs through Laredo

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Many people crowding the tent yesterday welcomed the first European Beer Festival organized by the Cultural Association San Rock-e, with the collaboration of the City of Laredo and the Directorate General for European Affairs.

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Popular Estate Campoo Day

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The warm sunny day and helped the new outcome and success of public participation in the new edition of ‘Campoo Day’, held yesterday, last Sunday in September in Reinosa as the culmination of fairs and festivals of San Mateo 2009.

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The cattle fair shone Alceda own

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Organized by the Municipality of Corvera de Toranzo, was held yesterday in the magnificent park Alceda, one of the best in Cantabria, a concentration of animal when they took part in the order of a thousand cattle, 80 percent of beef breeds meat and three Friesian items, livestock from the Valle de Toranzo.

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The award of the floats, for ‘Da Vinci’

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The float titled ‘Da Vinci madman or genius’, presented by Pena Tuttis, was the winner of the new edition of the contest of artistic carriages Reinosa held in connection with fairs and festivals of San Mateo 2009, getting the first prize of 3,400 euros and a special trophy.

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Eleven floats today on the first night parade

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Following the conclusion last Friday for the literary as opening act for the festival of San Mateo, on Sunday, from 11.00 am will be held in the city’s first nighttime parade of floats participating in the art contest As usual, each year the City Council. This act is one of the most attractive on the eve of the festival mate, which, relying on this occasion with the help of time, focus tonight on the city’s central axis to several thousand people to witness the cavalcade night.

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The Fair opened brilliantly Literary festivals Mateas

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With the participation of a large audience despite the rainy day in the afternoon yesterday, Friday, Reinosa real chupinazo announcer launched the start of their big parties. The Literary Fair, held in a solemn at the Teatro Principal, opened the new edition of the fairs and festivals of San Mateo’2009, to be held in the city until next Sunday, the 27th, with the traditional ‘Campoo Day’ , day declared of National Tourist Interest. A gala dinner at the Hotel Vejo was the culmination of the brilliant opening day of the holidays Mateas.

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On the 16th, at eight in Rio

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‘The River Sound, 30 years later is the tag. The spirit is to remember when they actually had fun in Santander, with music, culture and art. Everything together. The Rio de la Pila was where the water began to devise the move Santander, well-remembered in these nights when everything is focused on drinking (and scream) in the streets. There then jazz at El Rio, new music coming from abroad, live performances and whiskey on the rocks. And some Porritt.

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