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International Programs in August in Santander

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During the month of August there will be many cultural events in Santander, one every day until the 26th. I will make daily announcements so that you will know what occurs during those nights.

negro_goya_webAccording to the webpage: The program of the 60th edition of the International Festival of Santander is integrated of an intense program of summer events and festivals that try to elicit the history of our European tradition with the future cross-cultural appeal that appears in the new Europe. From the first to the 26 of August more than 60 artistic presentations that you will be able to enjoy both in the Festival Palace of Cantabria as well as in the historic settings.

Information and photo obtained from the webpage. Go there if you would like more info.

Conjuro 2011: Cultural Program from June to October in Santillana del Mar

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Today, 06 of June, begins the Conjuro program in Santillana del Mar with puchi-incera-en-santillana-del-marthe inauguration of the exhibition of Puchi Incera “Tiempos del Querer” at 19.30. You may visit the works from 01 to the 24 of June in the Contemporánea RC room (Diocesan Museum of Regina Coeli).

From Puchi Incera: With painting, I try to command the chaos of my ideas. They are like schemes that enclose diverse content and at the same time, opens its branches. There are some verses with a lot of words condensed into one or various colorful images, whose source is experience and memory. The paintings are continuous self-portraits, a form of psychoanalysis or looking at the interior of an individual, in a search without an end. It is a way of apprenticeship where manual activity and intellectual decision interact.

This year there will be seven exhibitions  (Sigue leyendo.)

Medieval Market in Santillana del Mar- Cantabria

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This time with a twist as it is called “The Marketplace of the three cultures.”


What does this mean? It is very much the same but more attractive. It has the usual medieval market in Santillana del Mar but with very interesting performances of music, dance, comedy and theater. It really looks great. According to the city council: Angel Rodriguez has maintained that “the framework of Santillana del Mar is a unique setting to recreate a journey into the past, with  Romans and Arabs, where falconry displays, druids, belly dancers, stilt walkers and warriors are mixed to return to life historical characters from the past that one day lived in the Villa. ” So enjoy!!  Its full of surprises!


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Cantabria for its privileged location in the central northern part of the peninsula occupies an area where home landscapes and ecosystems, the most exquisite products of the land and sea.

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The Cantabrian Wars, the best regional party

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After months of voting among more than a thousand of celebrations spread over throughout the country, organizing the election of the seven best festivals in Spain reported the outcome in which the Cantabrian Wars party of Los Corrales de Buelna has finished in a magnificent eighteenth position of national ranking and first in the region of Cantabria. There has been, but the Association Cantabrian Wars (aguec), feels “more than satisfied” with the result.

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The Cantabrians eating more and better

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The diet of Cantabrian has undergone some changes in the last two years toward healthier habits. It is now more frequent consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish, and not taken as often fast food. By gender, women are on a diet richer in fruits and vegetables and less falling into the temptation of fast food.

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The IEO tested in aquaculture the remedy to the crisis of the anchovy

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The question that hangs over the future of the Bay of Biscay anchovy can be solved in three years if, as it appears, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) achieves one anchovy breed in captivity will have the same fat, texture and flavor than the anchovy most valued today for its quality and price.

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The beer runs through Laredo

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Many people crowding the tent yesterday welcomed the first European Beer Festival organized by the Cultural Association San Rock-e, with the collaboration of the City of Laredo and the Directorate General for European Affairs.

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Journalists Italians know the pomace, cheese and honey Liébana

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The Study Center Don Roberto Gomez Lebaniegos Sign in Potes, welcomed the visit of Italian journalists in their journey across land Liébana Cantabria.

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Typical products of Cantabria

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Typical dishes
• Cooked Montanes
• Cooked Lebaniegos
• Anchovies Santoña
• Sobaos
• Quesada
• Ties Unquera
• Cheese Tresviso
• Marc

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