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Soplao and Adventure-Tourism in Santander

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For those that are daring, El Soplao offers a fantastic way to know elsoplaothe depth of the underground world. A route of 2,5 hours in which visitors will travel the galleries of Campamento, the Órgano and Bosque and, among all, walking on the original floor and least accessible zones of the cave. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the variety of formations and the diversity of spaces.

  • The organization provides the adequate equipment for the visit: helmet with a light, suit and water boots.
  • Those less than 12 years old will not be permitted.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Uncovers The Soplao a mile of new galleries virgin

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The team of researchers working in the resort of El Soplao been discovered in the last year a mile of new galleries totally virgin human footprints. In addition, topography in three dimensions has new 7.5 kilometers, including those above, which added to the 12 they already were, bring to 20 the total.

 (Sigue leyendo.)

A day in the caves of Soplao. Recommendations

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There are two ways to visit the caves:

  • The first is a normal mode, you get into a train that travels about 150 meters and then starts the visit. It is a quick visit and perfect for those who do not have much time.
  • The second method is to caving. It is a very easy, no complicated hayninguna and may perform any person who has no physical deficiancias is very important or higher. Rapela Not only is walking and most of the trail is a path already done. Be careful where you step when it is just the path because the soil is quite irregular. Not bear even shoes for that. I saw some boys who took him and only managed to get dirty and then clean the base manguerazo boots that are always first a little dirty and wet. They provide special shoes and a sweatshirt for the occasion without any extra charge. It is necessary to call to book:

Information and booking:
902 82 02 82
Reservations Groups:
After consulting for availability and requirements in this phone.
Monday through Friday from 8 to 22 hours.
Saturdays from 10 to 22 hours.
Sundays from 9 to 15 hours.
The only thing is you might have some difficulty (and seeing as it will depend on the guides to the group) is going through a small hole under a rock, but you will spot is filled and exciting. Whoever wants to can go around without having to do so.
I recommend strongly to the second option. The truth that lasts two hours and a half and is a past. We live much the cave and learned much more about it.
The route to get there is very nice and from the Cantabrian motorway exit was announced as the Cave Soplao thus only be alert to this indication. From the exit to the cave goes through several towns and a climb that seems very nice that you’re going up to 3000 meters, also from the top seems very high but you’re actually at about 1000 meters.
For lunch there are some very attractive people with interesting menus. as one goes up there, be a good meal. To lower the food is good m uy a walk around any track of any people for there is much lush forest in the area.
I hope you enjoy it!