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Altamira will open up again

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The Government of Cantabria cast one vote “favorable” to the opening of the cave of Altamira if the report on the conservation status of the cavity that has developed the Center for Scientific Research (CSIC)-and has already delivered to the Ministry of Culture-“leaving a minimum gap” for the reopening.

This was stated today the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the regional executive, Francisco Javier López Marcano, who was in favor of “reconcile” the “obligation” assumed “conservation” and “preservation” of Altamira cave paintings and with the “enjoyment” of them by “the more people the better.”

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Altamira Museum

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Altamira Museum is a place for research, conservation and dissemination of Prehistory. Its cultural offerings are aimed at all audiences and designed to learn, experience and enjoy the life of those who lived and painted the Altamira Cave.

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Archeologists place the beginning of the occupation from 22,000 years ago Altamira

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Paleolithic hunters inhabited the cave of Altamira from 22,000 years ago, 4,000 earlier than previously thought, a discovery that gives new meaning to their ancient paintings, a handful of red figures until now framed in a cultural period, the Solutrean , which features “screeched.” This was revealed by a study conducted by researchers at the Altamira Museum itself, reviewing the excavations were made in the cave in the early twentieth century by pioneers like Hermilio Alcalde del Rio, Breuil and Obermaier, whose conclusions are contained in an article yet published: ‘The Cave of Altamira: new data on archaeological site (sedimentology and chronology)’.

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