J. Javier Gastón50 anniversary ampueroof the death of Jesús Guridi

The organist J. Javier Gastón, presents a historic panorama of organ music in which the figure of Jesús Guridi permeates the three programs of an anthological cycle, in order to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of his death.

Where: El Santuario de La Bien Aparecida, Ampuero
When: 19.00 hours

Carmina Burana

The version of the masterpiece of the composer Carl Orff that you will hear in Laredo summarizes the 15 choral episodes that form his Carmina Burana, with original accompaniment of two pianos and percussion. The verses are located in a Benedictine monastery of Beuren, a German town of Bavaria, and above all else, in the Latin of the Middle Ages. Orff has written one of the most beautiful and imaginative musical pages combining old styles with the most exciting piano and percussive timbre of the present.

The Carmina Burana are expressions of delight, exaltation of nature, of carnal love, of partying and orgy, at the same time a social critique of civil and ecclesiastic power. It is a playful and scathing vision of the “dark” Middle Ages transmitted across the “Goliardic songs” of the XII Century. Carl Orff achieves with all of this an elemental work full of vigor and life, especially in his original version that today you may hear.

Where: La Iglesia de Santa María de la Asunción, Laredo
When: 21.00 hours
Price: 12 euros

Grupo Alturas – Peru

Song of 1000 roots, a song of interculture. The group Alturas de Perú accomplishes its Song of 1000 Roots with a synthesis of latin-american folklore to commemorate the Bicentennial of the Independence of many countries of geographic and cultural latitudes. There will be Andean Harawi, Paraguayan Polka, Bolivian Cuenca and the exciting models of Argentinian Zamba, rituals of the Amazon, among other manifestations of Columbia and popular references of their Peruvian origin that this group proposes as claim of an interculture.

Where: La Casa-museo de Jesús de Monasterio, Casar de Periedo
When: 21.30 hours

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