An Otelo without age for a public without limitations.

One more time, nonchalantly, a nerve point and above all else a feeling of humor and tenderness, the opera converts an argument to tell a story. Or said in a more successful form: the stories allow us to get close to all the audience in the opera. And to the theatre. “I tell you… an opera. Otel(l)o”  offers us a challenge: to tell that which shouldn’t be told to someone who wants to listen. Playing to be little and to be older, to learn what is “to be jealous” and to enjoy, of course, the music of Verdi.

Written and directed-Gustavo Moral; Actors-Sandro Cordero, Gonzalo San Miguel, Gustavo Moral y Rebeca Diez; Tenor-Santiago Lanza; Voice and piano-Elena Ramos

Where: Argenta Hall, Palacio de Festivales, Santander

Time: 20.00 horas

Price: 5-10 euros

Divine Emotional Songs

The music of the Oriental Orthodox Church is and expression of emotions of the heart, that is to say attrition, divine punishment, and also tribute, praise, gratitude, and holy enthusiasm. The Byzantine music expresses “the most honest” of the Christian religion, the delight in the worth of the soul, that is to say that spiritual fragrance to which approaches only the spiritual senses that people feel when they participate in the liturgical experience. It is made of a wise foundation of many centuries, one divine song that even now, excites and leads the spirits of man to divine devotion.

Director-Juan Tsamis

Where: La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Natividad, Puente Pumar

Time: 20.00 horas

Price: 6 euros

Information and photo obtained from the webpage.