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The most pure style of the Negro Spiritual. The famous American Spiritual Ensemble returns to Spain to offer at the International Festival of Santander the most native version of “American Negro Spiritual”, as an example of the definitive interculture over time. The fusion of African and European villages in the United States of American  from the late years of the XVIII Century and the first decades of the XIX make up an exemplary songbook that today we know thanks to the investigative and interpretive work of the hardworking groups, such as the American Spiritual Ensemble. The religious nostalgia of the Negro Spiritual is the intercultural proposal of this virtuous group of Americans that claims our sensibility to the pleasure of choral singing.

Duration for approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Where: El Palacio de Festivales, Sala Argenta, Santander
When: 21.00 hours
Various Prices

Scola Gregoriana Brugensis

Songs of happiness and thanksgiving. Songs of mass and craft for the feast of the Asunción de la Virgen María.

The Scola Gregoriana de Brujas comes together with their songs of praise to the 60 years of the Festival with expression of gratitude for their intimate relationship along the years. After the Salve Festa, the initial procession hymn, the principal song of the supposed Hispanic origin, Te Deum laudamus, immerses you then in the paschal songs full of joy that Gregorian singing have left us.

The second part of the program is dedicated to the Asunción de María, key festival of the Catholic religion, and next in time. They sing alternatively the songs of celebration and of adoration indicated for this day: “Kyriale IX (cum jubilo)”. The recital ends with the hymn to María “Magnificat” and the evening prayer.

Where: La Iglesia de San Pedro, Celis (Rioinansa)
When: 21.00 horas

Info and photo obtained from the web page of the Festival Internacional de Santander.