The Spanish flag, as such, acts for society as a whole a forced banderas-comunidadesrejection that responds to historical reasons. There only exists some situations that make our national flag appear released from its political and social duty, as occurred in the last Football World Cup in 2010.

Rafa Prada presents an induction that proposes a fictional situation, a prior state of the utilization of flags, completing this with the active participation of the spectator, that closes with its relation as an icon.

50 industrial flags of Spain with the constitutional shield that far from acting as a piece of political or factional art, looks to influence and to ridicule the fact of using the flag and its use in specific actions that in the contemporary scene require the appearance of an icon that encompasses and procures an identity of certain heterogeneous groups that arise temporarily under the fervor of “a common cause.”

Rafa Prada has us ask ourselves, where is this flag  from and what does it represent?

Only the public has the answer.