Here we present to you the complete Conjuro Program of 2011.  There are more cultural events in Santillana but this one contains interesting examples. Over the days I will show you all the different events, workshops and exhibitions so that you can enjoy all of your cultural interests in Santillana. Here is the complete program:


– Puchi Incera

“Tientos del querer”1-24 July/Contemporánea RC (in the Diocesan Museum Regina Coeli)

“Maldito tus ojos negros” 1-28 August/ El Torco Gallery – Suances

– Di Proyectos

“Interior Design: Art and Modernity” 1- 28 August

-Marga Sáiz

” Thousand Colors” 2-25 September/Contemporary Room RC

– Rafa Prada

“Country” 1 Julio- 28 August/El Torco Gallery – Suances

“Expectation” 30 September-23 October/Contemporary Room RC



Amongst poets 2-4 September/ Santillana Foundation


Time to Dance: Ice

25-31 July/ Santillana del Mar (corrected)

1-8 August/ El Torco Gallery – Suances


Comic show for children

8-12 August/ Santillana del Mar

15-19 August/El Torco Gallery-Suances