Today, 06 of June, begins the Conjuro program in Santillana del Mar with puchi-incera-en-santillana-del-marthe inauguration of the exhibition of Puchi Incera “Tiempos del Querer” at 19.30. You may visit the works from 01 to the 24 of June in the Contemporánea RC room (Diocesan Museum of Regina Coeli).

From Puchi Incera: With painting, I try to command the chaos of my ideas. They are like schemes that enclose diverse content and at the same time, opens its branches. There are some verses with a lot of words condensed into one or various colorful images, whose source is experience and memory. The paintings are continuous self-portraits, a form of psychoanalysis or looking at the interior of an individual, in a search without an end. It is a way of apprenticeship where manual activity and intellectual decision interact.

This year there will be seven exhibitions that address Painting, Interior Design, Photography and Installation. All of the artists that we present are known nationally, two from Cantabria and one of which will be done through the Empresa DiProyectos, from Torrelavega. It is an attractive program that appeals to the different likes but addresses for everyone, from different perspectives, current issues.

Also, you will be able to enjoy and be part of our meetings and workshops of POETRY, DANCE and COMEDY. The Contemporánea RC (in the Diocesan Museum of Regina Coeli), the foundation of Santillana del Mar and the El Torco Gallery of Suances will house these events.

We will continue giving you more information and programs.

The image was obtained from the web of the artist Artísta Puchi Incera at