The Government of Cantabria cast one vote “favorable” to the opening of the cave of Altamira if the report on the conservation status of the cavity that has developed the Center for Scientific Research (CSIC)-and has already delivered to the Ministry of Culture-“leaving a minimum gap” for the reopening.

This was stated today the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the regional executive, Francisco Javier López Marcano, who was in favor of “reconcile” the “obligation” assumed “conservation” and “preservation” of Altamira cave paintings and with the “enjoyment” of them by “the more people the better.”


The advisor, who said he was “sure” that other institutions think like him, stated that the visitation must be limited to the preservation of the cavity.

“With that is open, we are satisfied,” said Lopez Marcano, to influence, “the message is closed Altamira” is “negative and devastating” from the tourism perspective. Pointed out here that is not the same view a copy of a work-in-Neocave allusion to the original. Hence, the original opening of the cave would be a “fortress” and an “attractive” for tourism in the region.

Regarding the report of the CSIC, the Minister confirmed that the document is already completed and in possession of the Ministry of Culture to decide, along with the other members of the Board of Altamira (Cantabria Government, Municipality of Santillana del Mar and Botin Foundation) — whether or not to open the cave.

He said that the report will be known in “close date”, once called by the Board, which may take “days, weeks or months.”
“I hope as soon as possible,” she told the counselor, who was responding to questions from journalists on the Cantabrian Government’s position on the possible reopening of Altamira.

Information from “El diario Montañés”