Cantabria for its privileged location in the central northern part of the peninsula occupies an area where home landscapes and ecosystems, the most exquisite products of the land and sea.


The Cantabrian Sea region provides the pillar cantabria its most characteristic food: fish and shellfish, which are noted for their high quality. The choppy waters offer barnacles, crabs, crabs, clams, lobsters, prawns and shrimps, and squid reaching an unsurpassed level. Bass, scorpionfish, bocartes and sardines, which are a typical dish, baked and served in a simple wooden table. Water also comes from some of the most renowned dishes Cantabrians: hake in green sauce, Magan onions, or clams in the pot.


The veal is the flesh Cantabrian par excellence where the cow stands tudanca. Do not forget that the largest cattle fair is held in Spain this region: Fair Wins National de Torrelavega. The game also offers high quality meat, deer, roe deer and wild boar. The pig is a key element in the mountain stew, which also are added to beans, cabbage and rice pudding.

From these are too sweet, where they occupy a place of honor traditional pasiegas Quesada. Typical product is also the pastry, which the area we are talking about adopting different names Unquera Ties; Polkas in Torrelavega, or Sacristans in Liérganes.

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