Torrelavega will host a new stage on Friday the first meeting of European bagpipes, with a concert at the Teatro Municipal Concha Espina, in which groups will play throughout the continental geography with the “objective to disseminate and promote among the Cantabrian that feeling of Europe” , as the slogan of the organizers. The event will begin at half past six o’clock, opposite the Town Hall, with a parade of the pipe band ‘The Mountain’, which will put music to the bustling street and downtown city, followed by the concert, entitled ‘Juell, which will begin at the Municipal Theater Concha Espina at eight-thirty in the afternoon and in which groups will bring together major European bagpipes and will mix all styles of bagpipe music that exist in the continent . The entrance to this event is free to cover the capacity of the theater.

This event was presented yesterday by the council for Local Development and Tourism Torrelavega, Juan Jose Gonzalez, and the director general for European Affairs Alberto Garcia Cervino, who were accompanied yesterday by the Galician bagpipe group, Oscar Ibanez. Groups of pipers from Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Galicia, Cantabria, Asturias and Catalonia will converge in this grand concerts and provide a unifying instrument in many towns in European culture.

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