The holding of the XVI edition of the Festival of pomace olive pomace deliver the award to Mayor Severiano Ballesteros is next and the Liébana everyone preparations. Starting with the owners of distilleries and major figures of the event, hotel, restaurant and even grocery stores that have to take stock of products to meet the needs of the thousands who will gather on 13th, 14 and 15 November.

This year will provide ample time for the fair, where it will install the large white tent that houses the festival, is clean as a whistle after the beautiful and All Souls Fair in pots that everyone knows, precedes the internationally known festival lebaniego exaltation of liquor and how mandated that royalties are held the second weekend of November and this year it will happen on 13, 14 and 15, on the grounds on Sunday, day 1, not a weekend complete.

The Brotherhood

Similarly, another group that devises very active these days is the Brotherhood of the Grape Pomace Liébana Italian journalists who welcomed on his visit to the region to know the characteristics of grape marc spirit lebaniego. The association will assist the region’s gastronomic 7 and 8 to IV European Congress of food and wine brotherhoods to be held in the Galician town Cambados.

It is worth stressing that the contest in which well gastronomic brotherhoods throughout Europe initially coincided with the dates of the celebration and was a prefix lebaniega a week to facilitate the attendance of the guardians of alquitara lebaniega to Galicia.

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