‘The night is young’ starts again on 23 with many new features aimed at providing an alternative nightlife. This matches the twenty-first edition, which runs until 12 December, with the tenth anniversary of this program, fully consolidated within the youth Santander, explained Councilman Samuel Ruiz.

For this edition, said Ruiz, has scheduled a wide and varied workshops. A total of 42 educational workshops long and short duration.
Between them they highlight the eco kitchen, Dominican cuisine, holiday cooking, kitchen Saharan Bollywood dance and acrobatic leap, held for the first time. With respect to the previous edition have also been incorporated into the new program of short workshops, drums, graphology, astrology, Brazilian percussion and reiki.
The inauguration of the workshops, said the councilman of Youth, will be held in the Exhibition and Congress and will be an open day in which any young person can come to know and participate in our workshop without prior registration.
For this edition is planned to conclude a new indoor football tournament, given the success that always achieves this night football championship, whose methodology and organizational system has been emulated by other municipalities, in order to enhance sportsmanship and fair play between the teams involved. Games will be held at various indoor football camps university flag.
In addition to workshops and, as usual in ‘The night is young’, Saturdays are devoted to cultural activities without registration as by young artists and cultural and youth associations in the city.



The originality and the fusion of themes and artistic forms are again the signs of identity, highlighting two multi-activities will include proposals and very special places: the pop-rock festival, featuring a selection of groups that have undergone Santander the program in these 10 years, and the Chill Out Festival.
In the film Los Angeles are scheduled events that combine cinema projection with attractive performances: music (for night of rock and surf) and performances of Terror (Halloween Night).
In collaboration with the Cinémathèque will repeat the successful nights of shorts, which will unveil the latest achievements in the region. Also collaboration with the Planetarium will result in a Space Night, which opens with the editing.
The Night of Role and board games are scheduled in collaboration with a national conference on these forms of entertainment to be held in the Exhibition will attract many young people of the city and many others.
Finally, the theater will have its own space in a marathon by prestigious and multiplatinum groups in our capital of Cantabria.
The council concluded by emphasizing the varied program of this program to provide young people with leisure Santander most creative proposals, healthier and less consumptive.

Information obtained from www.eldiariomontanes.es