Habitat Fair 2009 takes place eventually, between 22 and 25 October next, fulfilling this way the exhibition calendar for this difficult year that has passed through the Exhibition Center of Cantabria, nominative entity, not real, by the adoption of the dissolution of the Partnership that was valid until Friday. With this exhibition fair will close the year and step by leaving the sample Juvecant in December. 2010 it will reach with uncertainty and new projects for the exhibition The Dairy which shall become the exclusive municipal jurisdiction.

The fair, the last of the calendar, the company that organizes outdoor Sauver, will be inaugurated on Thursday, day 22, at midnight. Stands are expected to be visited, except the opening day, la eleven of a ocho tomorrow afternoon. This is the seventeenth edition of this exhibition dedicated to the construction, decoration and environment. No longer a success the show has been held this year, not only by internal avatars that are affecting the institution grounds, but especially by the economic crisis is hitting particularly the construction sector.
Still under the heading Trade Fair of Cantabria (although the Consortium is in the process of dissolution), the exhibition is sponsored by the Government of Cantabria, the Municipality of Torrelavega, Cantabria and Cash MONTAÑÉS DIARY.
Thinking of a cease
Regarding the proposal for cease until Friday, October 2, manager, Alejandro San Jose, PRC spokesman at City Hall, Pedro García Carmona, explained that his party voted against it because “we believe that this proposal does not fits right. We will not cease to be complicit in unfair or lacking in motivation, in addition to the possible injustice that this would, could lead to added economic burden.
“Our main objective must be the future of the fair, set the management model and clarify the commitments of governments to secure their future and their employees,” concluded the councilman. Just today, Thursday in Orecla will meet both parties, City Hall and San Jose Junco, trying to reach a compensation agreement (about 120,000 euros) for this worker, failing to obtain a positive award, claims to money that the courts will

Misgivings CP

Meanwhile Ildefonso Calderon justified the vote of abstention of their group, to the truce proposal, because “it belongs to the governing board of the Exhibition Center and to withdraw confidence” and because “we are told that under no concept will be fired “. The PP in the Municipality of Torrelavega, through its two representatives on the executive committee and general meeting of the Exhibition Center of Cantabria, Ildefonso Garcia Calderon and Roberto Corona, criticized the resolution adopted today to dissolve the Consortium of the FMC “without real future plan.
This fear was also expressed by the regional representative who has also been concerned about the future of the institution fair after more than twenty years.

Information obtained from www.eldiariomontanes.es