Many people crowding the tent yesterday welcomed the first European Beer Festival organized by the Cultural Association San Rock-e, with the collaboration of the City of Laredo and the Directorate General for European Affairs.

At the opening, Mayor Santos Fernandez Revolve (PRC), said “that the sample was created with future projection, if continued over time and become a benchmark in the north”. He indicated that this is a novel initiative of this group laredano, you promote the town and offer alternatives to its neighbors and visitors, while “we can learn about the cultures and customs of other countries in Europe.”
Revolve Fernandez also said the “nutritional value” of this natural beverage that provides calories to the Mediterranean diet, B vitamin and mineral elements and recommended a moderate and responsible consumption.
For his part, Director General for European Affairs Alberto Garcia Cervino, reiterated “dissemination” of Europe through this type of event and hoped, also, that the festival has successive editions.

Charles V
The first act of the Festival was the theme that developed the master brewer, Jose Luis Ramirez, broken down some of the history of beer, mentioning that it was the Emperor Charles V upon his arrival in Laredo who popularized the drink in the Kingdom. Thus, citing the emperor on his arrival in Laredo was accompanied by the flamenco Enrique Baldising brewmaster, who would in Yuste’s first brewery in Spain.
He also commented that Charles V was a great fan of this drink, coming to eat six liters a day. This drink was also very popular among the religious. For now, he mentioned that we live “globalization” of beer, since we know “origin”, but not who is behind, referring to mergers of different groups and brewers. Following the conference, has proceeded to open the first barrel by the Emperor Charles V.
The First European Beer Festival will run until next Monday, in the tent on loan from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Cantabria is located in the parking lot at Navy assistantship and other establishments in the municipality. You can taste beers from 10 European countries: Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Austria and the UK.
Also noteworthy was the musical section with numerous groups and gastronomy, with products from these countries.
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