‘The purpose of the procedure has lost its meaning. ” Well justified Valdáliga City Council yesterday, the Government of Cantabria, the Ministry of Environment and Silver Eagle Company, its requests for dismissal of the lawsuit filed by Ecologists in Action to close the golf course and are restored Oyambre dunes. And “no sense”, said the four, because the National Court has recognized the company with an administrative concession on those lands.

Lawyers for the five parties attended the hearing in the Court of Administrative Litigation Santander No. 3 by the action brought by environmentalists who sued the others because they consider the works of the golf course are illegal. This group decided to go to court because the City breached an agreement adopted in 2001 to repair the dunes. However, all ‘the rain’ during these eight years he served the other party to claim the judge rejected the inadmissibility and demand.
Silver Eagle-owner of golf-wielded as an argument the decision of the High Court which earlier this year recognized the administrative concession for thirty years and renewable for another thirty. There was “bad faith” of environmentalists, said the lawyer, took eight years to demand the execution of that agreement, especially when having to restore the dunes’ have not purchased the land in 2004 “.

“The boundary is firm ‘
The Ministry of Environment was recalled that in 2005 approved the demarcation of Valdáliga, Oyambre and land became public domain. In 2007 proceedings were initiated to recognize their rights as Silver Eagle dealership. “The situation we had in 2001 has been amended” abounded counsel. “The boundary is firm and concession rights are issued pursuant to a final decision. There is no question “, trench.
The representative of the Cantabrian Government, meanwhile, rejected accusations of “inactivity” by Ecologists in Action discharged for failing to close the golf course. “The Government acts to protect the area,” he said, showing it “was the declaration of Natural Park Oyambre and initial approval of the Plan Natural Resources Management of this space,” in addition to using the same argument that the above: “the legal status of the site has completely changed.
“There was no bad faith ‘

However, three weeks ago the City Council gave Silver Eagle Valdáliga within two months to refurbish the dunes, a detail that environmentalists blamed the proximity of the trial. The Consistory representative said that during these eight years “have initiated numerous procedures and records that have been overlapped. He further explained that Valdáliga is “a small municipality with limited means” and rejected claims of “bad faith” of the plaintiffs.

The trial was seen for sentencing.

Information obtained from www.eldiariomontanes.es