The Complejo Los Infantes, includes the Hotel Los Infantes ***,  Hotel Santillana *** and  Annex Los Infantes *** may obtain free tickets for Pena Cabarga for children under 12 years.

Cabarga Peña is a karst massif with an exceptional development whose most well known are his originals and huge sinkholes needle karst Cabárceno
The exploitation of surface clays that contain this mineral has revealed a spectacular karstic relief python and needles, usually known as crevasses, which turn Cabarga Peña on one of the most beautiful “cities enchanted” European record this type of training .
It is an optical instrument capable of obtaining the planar projection of an image over part of its anterior surface. Was one of the ancient device that led to the development of photography.
It consists of a sealed chamber into which they enter the light rays reflected by objects outside only through a small hole in one wall.
The exceptional views that are offered to the four corners allow you to enjoy real-time emblematic peaks, golden sand beaches, green valleys, rivers and bays, fantastic places and traditional villages; Cantabria as a whole.

11:00 pm to 19:30 (pending weather, adverse conditions of zero visibility or closed)
For weekday visits by appointment 690 64 46 68
Information Tel: 942274962
Infocantur: 902210112
Adult * 2.5 €
Adult group 2 €
Child (6-12 years) 1.5 €
Children 5 years free entry
* Over 12 years

In the hotel sell tickets € 1 cheaper than Cabarga Peña.