San Vicente de la Barquera is preparing to welcome today the day the sailor Vital alsaro beside the boat and crew of Zamna ‘, after leaving this morning from the port of Santander.

In what will be his last stop in Cantabria are expected to reach alsaro Vital San Vicente de la Barquera about five in the afternoon on board the “Zamna,” which will dock at the pier diagonal of La Barquera.
At that point you will be greeted by Mayor Barquera, Julian Velez, who will give the official welcome. The popular Cantabrian navigator also will go to all attendees with the message of peace who stars in this journey. Finally is the Mayan boy accompanying him on this trip which will raise the banner of peace.
After this event, for the rest of the afternoon of the day today and tomorrow, all those who wish may visit the “Zamna” until the moment of parting, as also on 17.00 hours of morning when will go towards the Galician port of Bayonne, as a preamble before sailing towards Greek lands.
Before returning to sea, the mayor of Santander, Iñigo de la Serna, received today at City Hall to the members of the expedition ‘The boy, the sea, the peace’, headed by navigator Santander Vital alsaro by signing in the city between Saturday afternoon and this morning when departed for San Vicente de la Barquera.
De la Serna, who gave the crew of the “Zamna” a replica of the Magdalena Palace and a book on Santander, I moved Santander institutional recognition for their work to convey the peace message of this project to all cities in it reaches the trimaran.
The mayor noted the enthusiasm with which they have received from Santander to the issue of Vital alsaro and felt that its members can be superb ambassadors Santander’s aspiration to become European Capital of Culture in 2016.

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