Quiet fishing village located on the east coast of Cantabria, 48 km from Santander. It is located at the foot of Mount Buciero in the cove where the river Asón. from Laredo.
It has a special tourist attraction, supplemented by a seafaring tradition that gives it an important port and canning center. Also notable for its tasty and irresistible cuisine, with seafood stews (marmitaco) and its anchovies, experts say the best in Spain.


In the town stands the Church of Santa Maria del Puerto, built at the beginning of S. XIII, on an earlier one. Inside you will find the famous altarpiece of St. Bartholomew, with Flemish panels of the late fifteenth century, and a beautiful Gothic image of the Virgin of Puerto the fourteenth century.

Very interesting will be the facade of the Palace of the Marquises of Chiloeches, baroque building was once a military hospital.
Do not fail to get close to Los Fuertes (San Carlos, San Martin and Napoleon), defensive fortifications around Buciero Monte, built by the Spanish Crown in the seventeenth century, and were used to defend the town, preventing the passage of the bay to potential threats. At the same time, you will discover a breathtaking view of Santoña (San Carlos).
Santoña offers you its equipped beaches: San Martín, charming, calm and collected, and the de Berria, with more than 2 km, which binds to its south side with the marshes.

The Marshes of Santona, Victoria and Joyel form the largest and most important wetland for waterfowl of the Cantabrian coast. They were declared a Natural Reserve in 1992.

It is a natural area of great biological variety, with about 3,000 ha of mudflats, salt ponds and beaches. It is a winter refuge and migratory populations of more than 120 species of birds (heron, cormorant, spoonbill, little grebe …). In winter come to stay in place more than 20,000 birds.

You will find strategic points where you can easily watch the birds. The best time to observe birds is two hours before and after high tide.

Mariners Carnival (February): Festival of National Tourist Interest, of great antiquity which attracts thousands of people.

Patron Saint Festival of Our Lady of the Harbor, (September 8): with regattas and marine procession with decorated boats, among other acts.

Information obtained from www.cantabriarural.com