Difficulty: Medium

Length: 25 km

Time. 5 hours


We started walking in the area of La Barquera, at the beginning of the road up to Boria, 100 meters before reaching the Sanctuary of La Barquera. From here we head towards the lighthouse at Punta Silla, where we enjoyed spectacular views.
Following the road, with the Picos de Europa as a backdrop and, at the height of Posada Punta Liñera, we turn to the right, along a dividing line between farms. At about 50 m. the first house that we are, we take a detour from the track to the right, where we go down to the cliffs along the edge of a staking dividing pastures. If we have time, we turn right to find Babysitting, a small cove where we can find the odd fossil.
The route continues on our left, from here along the coast we can take any of the trails we climbed up Cueto Marys.
The road gradually recedes from the coast and discovered the cave of Culebra. We soon found again an area of cliffs and if we look out, always with caution, we can see the remains of a couple of memorials and a large cavity, the Cueva de la Zorra. The beauty of the area and the waves crashing against the cliffs, are a real sight to be enjoyed by walkers.
We are nearing the end of the trail along the shore, the meadow of El Fraile, whose edge is observed from the Playa de Fuentes. To the left is a track that comes from Santillan and we will go to that place towards Santillan-Boria, where you return to La Barquera again, following the path of the Source La Teja.

Information obtained from www.cantabriarural.com