The warm sunny day and helped the new outcome and success of public participation in the new edition of ‘Campoo Day’, held yesterday, last Sunday in September in Reinosa as the culmination of fairs and festivals of San Mateo 2009.

The popular day of the traditions and folklore campurriano, recounted with the direct participation and involvement of hundreds of campurrianos wearing the regional costume, and the presence in the city of several thousand displaced persons from all regional geography and environment, who packed the town.
The wagon ‘house hermitañu In a bautizu year’, by the town of Entrambasaguas, was the winner of the contest.
The authorities stand for the parade of carts was chaired by the president of the regional government, Miguel Angel Revilla, Mayor Jose Miguel District, the vice president, Cantabria, Dolores Gorostiaga, the mayor of Torrelavega, Blanca Rosa Gómez Morante, and directors of tourism, Lopez Marcano, Education, Diaz Tezanos; Health, Truan, Urbanism, Mazon, the president of the PP, Ignacio Diego, deputies and representatives of the PRC, the PSOE and the PP.
They occupied the rostrum also members of the Municipal Corporation of Reinosa, mayors of municipalities of Campo and other authorities in the region.
The streets were again Reinosa a meeting yesterday of the traditions of the people, running the day with hundreds of colorful costumes, with dancing to the light weight and weighs it, and with songs of tierruca festive atmosphere that permeated the campurriana the capital.

To mark the new celebration that closes the festivities ‘Mateas’, the town was again Reinosa magnificent setting of the experiences of the traditions and folklore of Campoo.
The typicality of the centennial celebration was experienced with intensity from the very early hours. Campoo Day, besides the great popular acceptance has returned to stage the typicality of traditions.

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