In the afternoon yesterday opened at the lighthouse at Punta de la Silla de San Vicente de la Barquera the exhibition ‘The Yellow Bird Oyambre: 80 years of a historic flight (1929-2009)’, sample collecting through photographs, illustrations, panels and a DVD, development of the first transatlantic flight that landed in Spain, specifically in Oyambre beach.

Mayor Barquera, Julian Velez said that this exhibition, along with other special events planned to celebrate this anniversary, are a just recognition of a historical event of great importance that has not been sufficiently evaluated or disseminated, in which luck would have it San Vicente de la Barquera, along with Valdáliga and Comillas, were protagonists of the landing of the plane piloted by the French pilots Lotti Armand Jean Assolant and Rene Lefevre, and in the presence of the stowaway, Arthur Schereiber, made the devices not had enough fuel to reach Paris and had to land at Oyambre.
At noon today the celebrations will be held the 80th anniversary of this flight, an act which is chaired by the regional president, Miguel Angel Revilla and that will be attended by the daughter of one of the protagonists, Armand Lotti.

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