Organized by the Municipality of Corvera de Toranzo, was held yesterday in the magnificent park Alceda, one of the best in Cantabria, a concentration of animal when they took part in the order of a thousand cattle, 80 percent of beef breeds meat and three Friesian items, livestock from the Valle de Toranzo.

Beneath that tree mass of several species was a pleasure to be in a morning with sunshine and mild temperatures in torrents. Many stalls completed the day wandering livestock morning. The organization did a great job to make it all nice and comfortable for both farmers and visitors. He was represented throughout the vast region torancesa.
Control of cattle broke into the park owner the veterinarian in charge of the area, Alberto Riancho. In terms of sales, few made in the proper setting, although there were contacts buyer and seller to close deals on farms in the following days.
They took part 33 herds of cattle with tudanca cabins, limousine, brown Alpine Asturian valleys and mountains, blond Aquitaine and mestizo, 15 herds of horses and several herds of mountain goats and sheep, plus donkeys.
Of the latter submitted a batch of a dozen donkeys, some with calves, Cesareo Gonzalez, a veteran farmer of Quintana de Toranzo. Last year he sold an ass right there with farming in the handsome sum of 1,202 euros. Yesterday called for the same amount for one with farming as well. This is asinine female high appeal and high quality, well managed by the owner.

Prizes and giveaways

The cattle show was equipped with awards and trophies, a campaign basis, tingling, nodding cavalry cheese with two bottles of wine each lot, and even rifo a ham and a stay at a hotel in town.
They were delivered to the final by Mayor Corvera de Toranzo, José Manuel Martínez Penagos, several mayors and councilors, among them those of Anievas and Miera. At City Hall will not cost him a euro, but the budget has been covered by the Government of Cantabria, through the Ministry of Rural Development, neighborhood groups and businesses in the area.
The visitors were treated to a barbecue, sausage, sausages, bacon and ribs, 150 kilos in total. Local residents led by the council, Jose Luis Fernandez and Angel Ruiz, took charge of the roast and delivery.

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