Coast and interior is blended into Cobreces to paint a town with a strong personality, where past and future coexist with particular expertise. Although tourism brings large neighboring Comillas, worth visiting this place to see its Cistercian abbey, its grand neo-Gothic church dedicated to St. Peter Advincula or visit the beautiful beach Luaña.

In this small Cantabrian town highlights the striking remains of an early medieval necropolis. It also stands an old house-eighteenth century palace known as Casal, now converted into housing.



Abbey of Santa Maria Viaceli

This Cistercian retreat is the pride of Cóbreces countrymen. And not just because the complex is over-reinforced concrete first made in Spain in 1891 – but because the religious also sell honey and cheeses they produce. They provide accommodation.


Beach Luaña

Since Ruiloba council quite rightly be seen the excellence of this beach lying between soft green mantles, where the sea breaks with elegance. A spectacular rock formation known as The Rock is in the eastern slope, the beach gives a unique character.

The Cliff Bolau

Towards Santillana del Mar, 400 meters away, just before Alfonso house, take the road to the left of the Bolau and continue to the cliff. The magical place with curious surprises the Cara del Indio, a fun sphinx has a secret, and where the film director Mario Camus, Ruiloba neighbor, shot in 1997 some of the scenes of his film The color of the clouds.


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