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The region is affected by a humid oceanic climate, with hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is situated around 1200 mm per year on the coast, increasing the values in mountainous areas up to 1600 mm, which places Spain in the so-called wet (or green Spain).
The average temperature is around 14 ° C. Snow is common in the upper parts of Cantabria between October and March. The driest months are July and August, although there is no drought itself, since on the one hand there is always a minimum of precipitation, and the other temperatures are not very high. In some areas of the Picos de Europa mountain climate, above 2,500 meters are maintained drifts over the year.
Notwithstanding the differences among regions may become important. Thus further away from the coast, as Liebana and Campoo, have a Mediterranean climate in the first case by the special microclimate of the area and the second for its proximity to the central plateau.

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