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If you are a UC student can still participate in ‘Millennium Learners’

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If you are a student at the University of Cantabria or what you will from this course you can still enroll in the contest “Student of the Millennium ‘, a pioneering initiative in Cantabria, which resumed after the summer break and is conducted through the website www . estudiantesdelmilenio.com. Only by participating in the final three rounds will receive a credit of free choice and be eligible for fantastic prizes.
To participate you only need fill out a simple registration and to register your team, comprised of a minimum of two students and a maximum of four. The deadline for new teams, there are now 41, ended on Thursday, Oct. 1, coinciding with the start of the third test will be on the ‘Gender Equality’.
Millennium Student is a contest that eldiariomontanes.es developed under the patronage of the regional parliament, the University of Cantabria and the group Prism Group. This is a pioneering initiative in Cantabria, which aims to raise awareness among academics about the severe problems affecting the world’s population and bring them through five tests, the Millennium Goals set by the UN.

Information obtained from www.eldiariomontanes.es

Popular Estate Campoo Day

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The warm sunny day and helped the new outcome and success of public participation in the new edition of ‘Campoo Day’, held yesterday, last Sunday in September in Reinosa as the culmination of fairs and festivals of San Mateo 2009.

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The cattle fair shone Alceda own

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Organized by the Municipality of Corvera de Toranzo, was held yesterday in the magnificent park Alceda, one of the best in Cantabria, a concentration of animal when they took part in the order of a thousand cattle, 80 percent of beef breeds meat and three Friesian items, livestock from the Valle de Toranzo.

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Cullavera Cave

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At the foot of Monte Pando Cullalvera Cave, has always been known by locals, is part of a highly developed karst complex, approximately 12 kilometers, where the action of water and time on the rock have created a unique cave.

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Hornos de la Peña Cave

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Cueva de Hornos de la Peña is located in the rock known locally as Rock of the Horn. Facing south, the entrance area highlighted in the landscape by its arched form.

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Chufín Cave

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Chufín Moro Cave is located in a place of unique beauty Nansa river valley. Although the environment is modified by dam La Palombera, its location in an area of cliffs, dense tree line and the constant presence of water makes the visit will become a continued enjoyment

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El Pando Cave

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In the heart of Chapman Valley, near town of Escobedo, is this wide cave mouth and vestibule of monumental dimensions. It was discovered in 1878 by Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola. Since that time has undergone numerous archaeological explorations have resulted in the discovery of a large panel of red paint in 1997.  (Sigue leyendo.)

Covalanas Cave

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Covalanas cave, the cave of red deer, is located on the northeastern slope of Mount Pando, above the cavity of El Miron, used as a dwelling place for at least the last 45,000 years.

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Las Monedas Cave

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At the edge of the river Pas, passing through Puente Viesgo, rises the Monte Castillo, a cone-shaped limestone elevation hiding inside a maze of caves frequented by humans during prehistory

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El Castillo Cave

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At the edge of the river Pas, passing through Puente Viesgo, rises the Monte Castillo, a cone-shaped limestone elevation hiding inside a maze of caves frequented by humans for at least the past 150,000 years.

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