Suances municipality comprises the towns of Suances, Cortiguera, Hinojedo, Ongay, Puente-kits and Tagle, forming a coastal environment of great beauty, located in western Cantabria about 30 km from Santander. A green washed by the Cantabrian Sea for its captivating landscapes and places of entertainment.


escudo1ayuntamiento3Suances of the town, whose origins date back to the Lower Paleolithic, between 200,000 and 37,000 years BC, and was developed around a magnificent estuary, historically known as Portus Blendium, the famous Roman port of great commercial transit quoted by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historiae.

Its economy was based primarily on fishing and livestock until the middle of the s. XIX begins to develop in the town’s summer social practice. Already in 1895, is announced for the first time the famous baths, “Baños de Ola in Suances, where the best beach in Spain, with a length of 762 m by 140 m wide, with stands for the bath, hot baths, two fondas first class, some second and rental houses. ” Today this quiet town has become one of the most important tourist resorts along the Cantabrian coast.



mirador21Within the simplicity of the artistic heritage mountain Suances holds small treasures such as:
Fernando Velarde casapalacio in Hinojedo with a large baroque portal and shields, and the house in the Polanco Suances portal with shields, dating back to the s. XVII.
The La Cuba great tasting sailor still preserves part of its character.
And in the peninsula of Dichoso, near the lighthouse, there remains of the building that once housed the coastal defenses of Torca s.XVII.
puntadichoso2The church of Our Lady of the edge on the other lifted above the medieval church of St. Peter and the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Eagle, are examples of religious architecture of the municipality. The Romanesque church of Santiago, located in Ongay, is witnessing the passage of pilgrims to Santiago Camino Costero.


Its rocky coves and long sandy beaches are some of the attractions of the municipality. Chosen by the practitioners of water sports such as surfing, and for those seeking the serenity of a nature still unchangeable, everything has its peculiar charm: The TABLIER, a small cove, La Concha, a wide beach within the urban environment, the Sable, a beach of fine golden sand, The Riveruca, a quiet beach, or Los Locos of the cliff, up the cast of magnificent beaches that the municipality has Suances.



surf2A succession of hills and valleys make up the beautiful walks through the confluence of the rivers Besaya and Saja, and a coastline of cliffs and steep, molded by a series of bays and beaches are the natural areas that the municipality provides for Suances enjoy.
Discover fascinating places from where they see all the charm of nature: the viewpoint of Cortiguera, High Bridge-kits, the viewpoint of La Cuba, Punta del Dichoso, Punta Ballot …
Given the extraordinary conditions and natural means of enjoying the town, there is a wide range of sports activities that serve to attract the crowds of town and amateur athletes, to attend the prestigious international tournament, beach volleyball, the famous flag of drifters or Derby Villa Suances.
Another favorite sport is surfing, which lies on the shores of Suances the ideal place to practice.



Fiestas and Traditions

Colorful festivals, popular and deeply rooted among the population, such as maritime procession of decorated boats on the day of Caramel, are essential parts of the tradition as a seafaring village Suances.

Corpus (Hinojedo).

San Pedro. June 22 (Eagle).

San Juan. June 24 (Cortiguera).

Los Remedios. July 2 (Ongay).

Nuestra Señora del Carmen. July 16 (Suances).

Santiago. July 25 (Ongay).

Our Lady of the Linden. August 15 (Suances).

La Virgen del Rosario. Last Saturday in August (Bridge kits).

Our Lady of Guadalupe. September 8 (Tagle).



In the western part of the province of Cantabria, and 30 kilometers from the capital, lies this small village, as interesting as attractive by the memories that still keeps many of its past greatness.
The privileged situation of Suances and good communication of their surroundings make this villa an ideal starting point for excursions, sports activities or visits to the region.
The proximity to the Cantabrian coast adds a host of leisure opportunities to offer the town.
These are the distances from Suances, some points of interest:

A 6 km de Santillana del Mar

A 7 km from the Cave of Altamira and Museum

8 km from Torrelavega

A 32 km de Comillas

A 32 km from Santander

A 40 km from San Vicente de la Barquera

A 40 km from the Nature Park of Cabárceno

At 50 km from Reinosa

At 50 km from Bárcena Mayor

A 58 km from the Cave The Soplao

A 60 km from Vega de Pas

A 75 km from Campo High

A 90 km from the Picos de Europe

Getting to Suances

From Santander, take the motorway to Torrelavega and take the exit Requejo. Since Requejo, continuing towards Barreda, where turn right to take CA-132 for Suances.

From Asturias, Torrelavega you reach the N-634 or the Cantabrian motorway. In this place it is necessary to address Barreda to take the CA-132 towards Suances.

From Madrid-Bilbao-Valladolid-Burgos-Palencia is most Torrelavega up and then access via Suances Barreda.

From Comillas, can be reached by the C-6316 towards Santillana del Mar (about 16 km) after crossing the town of Oren, and before entering Santillana take the detour to the left by the CA-351 address Suances .

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