The route of the Cares is one of the most famous trails in the Picos de Europe, located between the province of Leon and the Asturias. Runs between the towns of Poncebos (Asturias) Posada and Valdeón through Cain (Leon) in Spain, where formerly the only communication between the two peoples during the snowy winter.

The route runs along the Cares Gorge called divine Cares and the river is a road halfway up which was opened in the rock for the construction of a pipeline that feeds the hydroelectric power station Camarmeña – Poncebos built between 1916 and 1921.

The length of the route is 12Km and runs through a path of 1.5 m wide with a few drops along the cliff with deep cut.

The rock in the gorge that opens is gray limestone in which there are many caves, some of which have been used for shelter from the sheep that graze on the site.

When the path reaches Cain shuts down the gorge and the road crosses a bridge by the same

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Easy

To reach Poncebos we can do it by several means:

By car, going down the road Santander – Oviedo Unquera Take in the drift towards Potes. Once diverted into Panes in Arenas de Cabrales, and once there take the road to Poncebos (since Arenas is well signposted).

In excursion organized, as it will not be difficult to find a travel agency in Asturias and Cantabria to offer this route.

Review of the route:

inicio_camino_cares2This is certainly the best known route of Picos de Europe. With some sneakers and a light backpack can be done perfectly from May to October. It is recommended if possible not to make this route during the month of August in the summer or during the weekend due to the large cities that are produced.

cares21Once parked in the vicinity of the beginning of the path, crossing a tunnel carved into the rock and after a few minutes to take a fork to the right. This is definitely the “hardest” of the trail as it climbs up a gentle slope towards the top of the mountain. Once there you begin a gentle descent and came to the Cares Gorge. The road up is not lost because Cain is marked by a very rich cliff path. After a series of bridges are actually some caves carved into the rock and before long we are in Cain (2 h 30 m. from Poncebos). If all routes in time is estimated, this is even more since then the landscape of great beauty that one will encounter along the way stops will be higher than other routes.

Once in Cain, will begin the return journey by the same route.


cares31The “real” Cares route begins and ends in Poncebos in Valdeón Inn, but due to its great length can only be achieved if two cars, which is one of Posada Valdeón (for Cangas de Onis) and will Poncebos as they are in the middle of the route (eg Cain) exchanged the keys to the car, or go hiking organizations. For older people there is also the option to go to Cain Road and enter the first few kilometers of the route. To go to Cain Valdeón Inn, up the road that passes through Cordiñanes and arrive after a small drop of Valdeón Posada.

Phone Numbers:

Tourist Office of Arenas de Cabrales (summer and holidays): 985.84.64.84

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