Your terrritorio which corresponds to the provinces of Cantabria, Asturias and León, is clearly divided into three massifs separated by deep gorges: the West (between gorges of Sella and Cares), Central (between the gorges of Cares, Duje and Nevandil ) and East (between the gorges of Duje and Deva). Cantabria is the total area of the Eastern Massif, although Cantabria only two populations are locked inside. Tresviso and Bejes.

These elevations caught the attention of man since antiquity. Strabo called them “Idubeda. Even some people think that its current name from the Phoenicians, who attracted by the mythological legend of the Rape of Europe were able to approach its foothills. The fact is that during the modern period the Picos de Europa played an important role in guiding the navigators of Biscay.

For those who want to access from Cantabria Picos de Europa, will take the road linking with Espinama Bowls and from there reached Fuente where your cable car lift in minutes exceed more than 750 vertical meters that separate the buyers Mirador del Cable and where they will gain a stunning panoramic view of the amphitheater at Fuente Dé. Walking can be covered the space between the ports Espinama Aliva, nine miles of hard climbing that will lead us to a meadow located on the moraines of ancient glaciers, there stands the Villa Real, a haven for hikers and mountaineers and shepherds a modern Hotel de la Diputación Regional de Cantabria. Also nearby is the hermitage of the Virgen de la Salud.


picos22The extraordinary concentration of nature presents Liebana valley causes the sensation of enjoying a rather unexplored. Oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, fruit trees, oak woods, yew, beech, meadows, … Multitude of ways that nature has to express his joy and harboring an extinct fauna elsewhere: chamois, foxes, grouse, eagles, vultures, wolves, boars and bears to roam freely. An entire display of fauna and flora which is condensed from an authentic “mirador de Cantabria” Fuente De cable car. Here, the view has only one limit: the ability to reach the Far East …


At only 28 km. of Potts, are the facilities of the cable car of Fuente Dé. A comfortable and unique way to access the central massif of the Picos de Europa. After the ascent of 750 m., it moves from an altitude of 1,094 m. at the station less than 1874 m. in the upper station, it is likely that the vision that so far was overwhelming nature experience a very noticeable change. From the “Mirador del Cable” provides an overview that opens a world of possibilities. Excursions to the Pico Peña Vieja or Treasurer, that for ease of access are the most popular, are only a small example of everything that can be done in this great place. Here you can reach a much broader idea of all the wealth that jealously hides this wall built by the hands of nature.