Noja is a municipality in the autonomous community of Cantabria situated on the Trasmiera region. Bordered on the north by the Cantabrian Sea, west and south Arnuero, on the south and east Argoños Santoña. The town of Noja is not organized in villages in several districts but still home of the consistory Palace district.


Noja belonged since the ninth century until 1834 the Board of seven villages. One of the five boards that made up the Merindad Trasmiera. Moreover, a remarkable fact of local history is that in 1644 Philip IV Noja received the title of Villa, allowing it to be independent of the Board and empowered to appoint their own mayors.

Since the late nineteenth century Noja is recognized as a tourist destination and now, tourism is the main economic activity, which increases the local population to reach 100,000 in the summer thanks to the visitors arrived mainly in the Basque Country and Castilla y Leon . The explanation for the inflow of tourists is the beauty of the beaches of the municipality that has also led to the massive construction of new houses, which are uninhabited off-season. One of the major problems of the area is the lack of infrastructure to meet so many people concentrated in the summer.



In terms of natural resources, wetlands of Jewel and Victoria, each at one end of town, are a great attraction as a nature reserve and of course birds also stop over in the marshes of Santona in their migrations.


Four are the property of cultural interest of this county, all category of monument:

· Torre de los Velasco.

· Home Obdulia Bonifaz (Palacio del Marques de Albaicin).

· House Zilla palace.

· Victoria Mill, in the morass of Victoria, which was used to generate power with the waters of the marshes.

They are also inventoried:

· Casona de Assas.

· Chalet Manuel Morales.

· Venero House-palace, where he lived Cabanzo Venero Francisco, built in the seventeenth century.

· Ermita de San Juan.

· Ermita de San Nicolas.

· Ermita de San Pedro.


• Palais Torre del Carmen

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