The Ecomuseum Fluviarium of the mountain and river Pasiegas sponsored by Nature and Man Foundation was created with the aim of becoming a reference site in the conservation and dissemination of the values of the area. Its main objective is to move the visitor to the richness and incalculable value of the natural and ethnographic heritage of the mountains and eastern Pasiega and their respective river basins.

– Reception area, information point and shop

The first room is in line with the reception of visitors. Besides housing the fluviarium shop where you can find crafts toy reproductions of the fauna, nature of publications, as well as local products, organic and fair trade

– Exhibition area

This area spread over two floors includes wide range of interactive exhibitions and resources all related to the natural and ethnographic heritage pasiego. Some of the main exhibition items that can be found in this area are:

– The Cube foundling who sets out the four most important aspects of the mountains and eastern Pasiega and its watershed: landscape of fields and cottages. Importance of water as ecological diversity and richness of the underworld.

– Strata latitudinal it is a recreation of the story bioclimatic area.

In these strata can be observed relationships, size of the major animal species that live in these mountains as well as the flora there.

– Playing with a Pasiega cabin interior and exterior details with reference to the tools of everyday people pasiego. In turn, this cabin together with various informational resources detailing the core values held by the ethnographic heritage of pasieguería and daily customs.

– Panels and dioramas covering the environmental impacts caused by massive logging forests pasiegos who suffered during the XVI, XVII and XVIII



This set of river aquarium is one of the most spectacular. This is the breeding habitat of a Cantabrian river in different areas since its inception, with its most emblematic species. Specifically how to live exemplary otter, salmon, trout, freshwater turtles and European glass eels, as well as exotic species, among other faunal samples.

Chamber Aunfiovisual

With capacity for 47 people, is equipped with outstanding multimedia equipment and is ready to celebrate various events (lectures, conferences, etc.).. It projected an audiovisual presentation that shows visitors the rich cultural heritage reflected in the area. and the foundation of nature conservation work and a man in this space since 1994


The Fluviarium museum is located in the Cantabrian town of Liérganes, gantry Pasiega mountain valley north of Miera, in front of the municipal council. At the foot of the mountains of the area.

From Highway A-8 Santander

Continue along the road until Pamanes where he was a turn where we turn right.

Lierganes follow direction to the roundabout where you take the second exit to continue the same direction until crucedireccion San Roque and 50 meters opposite the town hall is located on fuluviarium.



Winter (October to May):

Closed Mondays, except holidays

Weekdays are from 10.00 to 14.00 h and 16.00 h was 19.00

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10.00 to 16.00 h and 14.00 has a 21.000 h

(It remains closed on December 25 and January 1)


Open daily from 10.00 has 14.00 has 21.00 h and 16.00 h


Adults: € 5.00

Special Rate: 3.50 € Children 4 to 15 years and retired

Invitation – Free: Children up to 4 years

Groups: Consutar from 15 people

Students and families with two children (up to 15 years)

Will have a discount of 15%.

* Prices per person.

Income derived from activity-Ecomuseum Fluviarium is intended to sostenimento in full of the same actions and the development of prevention and recovery of the natural heritage of the area.


Tel: 0034 942 52 81 96


Generalissimo Franco, 7

E-39722 Cantabria Liérganes

Tel / Fax 942528196

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