Belongs to the municipality of Los Tojos. It is situated 495 m. altitude in the Valle del Saja, who belongs to the region of Sakha-Nansa along the river Argoza. Accessed via a local road that leaves the Tojo and after 10 km you reach the village where the road ends. Located 62 km from Santander. Is at the heart of the Parque Natural de Saja-Besaya.

Is considered the oldest town in Cantabria and possibly also of Spain.

In 1979 he was declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

Now is one of the most visited of Cantabria, Santillana del Mar after and Cabárceno.

We have to leave your car in a parking lot there at the entrance to town, because the whole village is pedestrian.




cnbarmes2Mesón Argoza River is the most typical, both in its regional food, as the site is located next to river.


cnbarigl1It was built in the XVII century with a humble look at the houses that line of bows and shields. Is adjacent to the main artery.


cnbarrio2Ride through the village. You can cross to the other side through this bridge.


cnbarcas1The whole village noted for its architectural beauty of the S. XVI and XVII, it seems to have stopped in time.

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