escudoIt is so impressive and overpowering nature in this land, although it occupies only a brief portion in the center of Northern Spain, has been named as two features that define the edge of the IberiantelefericoPeninsula: the Cantabrian Mountains and the Bay of Biscay.

A traveler curious, sensitive, and worship are before the possibility of Cantabria plenty of options through which to convert the exploration of the land in unforgettable experiences.

senderoWe can consider walking as the activity to continue to walk some routes previously marked with internationally accepted conventional marks; differ trails Grande (GR), with 6 or more stages, and small trails Route (PR), with less than 6, usually carried out in a day or weekend. The trail route is of great beacons with red and white markings, short tour of the white and yellow markings. All these paths are subject to approval by the FCM, which is responsible for thelignum promotion of outdoor recreation in Cantabria.

Regardless, there are innumerable paths and trails that run through without marking areas of interest and can be traversed on foot, to be another way of walking. Here are some of the most popular routes, as the “Green Routes”.

The routes are:

Camino de Santiago in Cantabria

One of the main routes jacobeas, the Camino del Norte and the Cantabrian coast, crossed Cantabria from east to west through the historic Four Villas de la Costa (Castro Urdiales, Laredo, Santander and San Vicente de la Barquera) and many other important historical sites and monuments, such as Santoña, Santillana del Mar and Comillas.

There have been several research projects of the remaining routes in its passage through jacobeas Cantabria, which have provided a basis for determining an approximate to the original layout that allows walking the walk today, avoiding the roads to the extent possible and using country roads.

For its advocacy for hiking, Cantabria Mountaineering Federation has proposed signaling pathway for this historic route and as such as the path to de Grande Finisterre (see Path or Sendero GRE-9 from the Atlantic Cornisa).


Path of the Sale of Mobejo (Palombera-Bárcena Mayor)

Mountain route which follows the route of the old road to Campoo Bárcena Mayor, through the sale of old Mobejo. Usually done in downstream, from the port and ending at Palombera Bárcena Mayor, one of the most classic routes in Cantabria.

Route type: rural green

Source Teleferico Deruta Verde

Just 28 km from Potes, are facilities Cable Fuente Dé. A convenient and original way to access the Central Massif of Picos de Europe. After an ascent of 750 m., it moves from an altitude of 1094 m. at the station less than 1847 m. at the top, it is very likely that your vision of what until now was an overwhelming experience nature a very noticeable change. From the “Mirador del Cable” will be presented an overview that opens a world of possibilities. Peña Vieja or excursions to the Treasurer Peak (2570 m.), which for ease of access are the most popular, are just a small example of what you can do in this great place. But if you prefer to travel long distances, you can opt for excursions in all terrain. This will allow you to reach a much broader idea of all the wealth that hides wall levantanda this jealously by the hands of nature.

Route type: rural verd

Pilgrimage routes to Santo Toribio de Liebana

The monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana, which preserves the relic of the Lignum Crucis (the largest piece that exists in the Santa Cruz), welcomed the arrival of thousands of pilgrims during the celebration of the jubilee years, many of them arriving on foot.

On the occasion of the last Holy Year Lebaniego (2000-2005) were marked with codes marking hiking own 8 different routes to access Santo Toribio de Liebana, forming the network of trails in the Valley of Liebana.

It is 6 tracks of short routes (trails PR-S3-S4 PR, PR-S5,-S6 PR, PR and PR-S7-S8), and a trail Grande (GR-71 or Footpath Reserve of Sakha), which leads to the Valle de Liebana Polaciones or Sotres (Asturias). Thus, the pilgrims have to reach 8 pedestrian routes Santo Toribio de Liebana, all of which run through places of incomparable beauty and charming towns lebaniegos. | Pilgrimage Routes to Santo Toribio de Liebana


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