The firm Silver Eagle has introduced a rehabilitation project of the Royal Golf Club Oyambre in Oyambre-yew, Borough of Valdáliga and, surprisingly, the council intends to Valdáliga once again legalize the golf course located in the Natural Park Dunes Oyambre.

It has been reported favorably by this council for processing it has been sent to the Regional Planning and Urban Development of Cantabria.

However, the Ministry of Environment has referred to the Directorate General of Urban Planning and an adverse report to the rehabilitation work and expansion requested.

Some of the reasons given by the Ministry of Environment to reject the project are:
It is located on land affected by the easement to protect the maritime-terrestrial public domain.
This is a reconstruction rather than a simple rehabilitation and to be expanding the current building.
The use of the building is not among those authorized under the Coastal Act because it does not provide any service necessary or desirable to use the maritime-terrestrial public domain.
The property is situated on land within the Natural Park Oyambre.
In the project “Restoration of the dune system Oyambre” written by the Demarcation Costs are expected removal of the existing golf course.


In addition, action that seeks to rehabilitate the Real Club de Oyambre of Oyambre contravenes PORN Conducted by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Cantabria. PORN is seen in that area in which they intend to install the golf course, an area of limited use and therefore prohibited in the “sports … … when these activities are carried out on the dunes.”

Therefore, Ecologists in Action Cantabria has demanded that the municipality Valdáliga not authorize the company to Silver Eagle for the rehabilitation work of the Real Club de Oyambre as one activity outside the law because it violates both the Coastal Act, as of Oyambre PORN.

Ecologists in Action Cantabria also has asked this council to order the closure of the existing golf course is open to sanctioning the firm Silver Eagle for the development of sporting activity on the dune system and an order to produce the same a plan to restore the entire area affected by the sport that this company is doing.

Previously, between 1999 and 2001, both as the Ecologists in Action Cantabria Demarcation Costas made several complaints during the development works as Oyambre Dunes golf course from the company CONSTRUCCIONES Rotelle S. A. for the company Oyambre S. BEACH A.

On November 7, 2000 Valdáliga City Council received the report of a consultant who previously had applied to the action taken by the golf course on the dunes of Oyambre. That report stated that the works have provided morphological alterations of the terrain, both on the elements of the ecosystem and on its dynamics and that these works and their maintenance over time would involve the disappearance, in areas of vegetation of dunes and the impossibility of its regeneration. Moreover, the impacts would end with the creation of the golf course, as to them should be added the potential impacts resulting from the use and maintenance of: pedestrian traffic, transit cars, machinery maintenance, planting species exotic plants, pesticides, etc. contribute to damaging the dune ecosystem.

For all these reasons, both the Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development, the City Council Valdáliga initiate sanctions on the company Oyambre BEACH SA put up by the dunes of Oyambre for golf. The sanctioning municipal conducted not only by the lack of processing license activity, but by the inability to legalize work performed at the time, which meant the order to replenish the dunes to its previous state.

Therefore, we do not understand that the City Council Valdáliga, with that background, now supports a new rehabilitation project of the Royal Golf Club of Oyambre works also are not legalized, inter alia, be prohibited by the Act of Cantabria 4 / 1988, which stated Oyambre Park.