Campo Municipal de La Junquera is situated on the road-Pedreña Shipyard,

at the entrance of this beautiful town pedreñero belonging to the Municipality of the City Council

Marine Cudeyo. The location of this field is precious, considering its value

landscape and location. The route has been adapted to the nature of the municipal area of La Junquera,

(because it is the former name, all land was a marsh

with an abundant vegetation where junks)


The field is located on a peninsula Pedreña south of Santander.

For location, landscaping and use of the La Junquera field is unique

routes in areas with 9 holes, with views of the bay and the city of Santander,

and the peaks of Europe is remarkable.

The tour of the Campo Municipal de Golf La Junquera de Pedreña was inaugurated in May 1997

and is very selective. Because of its characteristics is needed to a maximum degree of concentration

otherwise, it is certain that we fall very easily double and even triple Bogey Bogey.

Field is short but very technical and precise, the holes 2, 3 and 4 are compared with the hole

6 most díciles because the whole first part is bathed in the right bay.

The journey is not to play a lot of wood, is a field for the good players irons,

and for highlighting in the short game and on the green.

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