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The Goleta. Boat trip from Santander. Recommendations

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The Ministry of Environment held from July 23 guided outings aboard thela-goleta-cantabria-enela-mar1schooner “Cantabria Infinita”, through the Center for Environmental Research (CIMA). The initiative includes an environmental education program on the Cantabrian coast to be conducted aboard the vessel. These outlets, open to the general public, will include a journey of about one hour on a half’ duration by the environment of the Bay of Santander, the Ministry informed in a statement.
During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to discover the ecological values of the Bay of Biscay through observation of their ecosystems and their wildlife more visible, particularly birds marinas.Para therefore be guided by the activity monitors SEO / BirdLife Lesson and Nature.

The departures will start from the jetty pier Calderon next to the crane Stone. On Monday there will be a single route, while Tuesday and Thursday there will be two trips a day, a total of five departures a week, until September 30.

Those interested in participating should make your reservation by calling 942 543 620, Monday to Thursday at 10.00 hours to 13.00 hours, or send an email to goleta@seo.org, indicating the name and telephone number of participants.

Information gained from chronic cantabria.

On a personal level I have to comment that it is very important to bring warm clothes because the boat makes a lot more fresh than on land. In addition the organizers are asking plane carrying shoe.
The boat is beautiful and looks across the bay of Santander, since we are up magdalena. Highly recommended for children and adults. Spend a day meeting Santander and free from the sea is a great opportunity for a new vision of the city.

You can take drinks and food to the boat if you like.

A nievel fauna and the environment are some gabiotas and little else. If you explain verbally but do not see too much. Yet the ride worthwhile.

Price: 10€ per person. Admission includes free entry to the Museum of the Cantabrian Sea.

A day in the caves of Soplao. Recommendations

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There are two ways to visit the caves:

  • The first is a normal mode, you get into a train that travels about 150 meters and then starts the visit. It is a quick visit and perfect for those who do not have much time.
  • The second method is to caving. It is a very easy, no complicated hayninguna and may perform any person who has no physical deficiancias is very important or higher. Rapela Not only is walking and most of the trail is a path already done. Be careful where you step when it is just the path because the soil is quite irregular. Not bear even shoes for that. I saw some boys who took him and only managed to get dirty and then clean the base manguerazo boots that are always first a little dirty and wet. They provide special shoes and a sweatshirt for the occasion without any extra charge. It is necessary to call to book:

Information and booking:
902 82 02 82
Reservations Groups:
After consulting for availability and requirements in this phone.
Monday through Friday from 8 to 22 hours.
Saturdays from 10 to 22 hours.
Sundays from 9 to 15 hours.
The only thing is you might have some difficulty (and seeing as it will depend on the guides to the group) is going through a small hole under a rock, but you will spot is filled and exciting. Whoever wants to can go around without having to do so.
I recommend strongly to the second option. The truth that lasts two hours and a half and is a past. We live much the cave and learned much more about it.
The route to get there is very nice and from the Cantabrian motorway exit was announced as the Cave Soplao thus only be alert to this indication. From the exit to the cave goes through several towns and a climb that seems very nice that you’re going up to 3000 meters, also from the top seems very high but you’re actually at about 1000 meters.
For lunch there are some very attractive people with interesting menus. as one goes up there, be a good meal. To lower the food is good m uy a walk around any track of any people for there is much lush forest in the area.
I hope you enjoy it!

The 25 wonders of Cantabria

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This list was created with the intention of knowing what you value most Cantabrians in the region. Wonders shall read: natural sites, architectural monuments, architectural or artistic, and all those places or areas that although not officially recognized for their outstanding beauty or uniqueness. This list has been compiled through suggestions made by the Internet through the comments.

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A Day in the Park Cabárceno. Recommendations

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Hello everybody,
Nothing better to recommend a place to visit first and so I did. First note that entries can be drawn in the same hotel for a euro less than the cost at the box office. There are also some very important recommendations that I should not miss the visit of the park Cabárceno:

  • Technical flight birds of prey: the show is not wasted. Upon entering the park, provides a map of the site as well as such events in the same brochure. It is important to find the time (I abjo more hours) to first release and you get a good second place. The event takes place in an amphitheater, the best location is on the right side when viewed from the front from where they enter. Please be assured that the birds fly and stay very close even more impressed.
  • Demonstration with sea lions: This event is spectacular, it is also important to get a little time to watch either. Pass .. is to see it.
  • Bears: Because there are  (Sigue leyendo.)


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The Murcian Alejandro Valverde (Caisse d’espagne) as a favorite to revalidate the title of Champion of Spain cycling route, which will be held tomorrow in Cantabria on a circuit which will complete three laps for a total of 196 kilometers.

valverde-150x1501The race will begin and end in Comillas in Soplao The Cave, one of the natural wonders of the region, which will premiere for the highly competitive cycling. In total 196 kilometers, with three laps to a circuit with Hayuela as the main difficulty, then to El Soplao itr, whose first ramps are the hardest to 12%, but then lower the rate to 4%

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10:30 13.30 Gymkhanas mythology (Jesus Otero Museum)

16:00 Rhythmic Gymnastics Exhibition EMD Santillana.

17:30 Exhibition and Competition Karate EMD Santillana.

19:00 Grand Parade and Cabezudos Piter.

20:00 Introduction of new Cabezudos in the Plaza Mayor.

20.30 Great chorizo in the Plaza Mayor.

20.35 h. Velada mountain:

– Folklore Cantabria

– Brothers Cossío

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Surf, Beaches and Cantabrias´s coast

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The coast of Cantabria is divided into 11 zones from east to west. In this division have been the best spots with their particular characteristics and conditions of sea, wind, tide and optimal size. In some cases do not correspond to their names but that the “surfer jargon has been giving over time. There are more, but out of respect for those who surf those “very special sites” showing more than just acquaintances.


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Surfing Cantabria “Miengo Surfing Games” from 6 to July 10 at the beach Mogro

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surf-miengo8Miengo Surfing Games is an innovative proposal by the Special Surf School and the City of Miengo to promote the sport of surfing among the smallest. The event will take place at the beach Mogro between 6 to July 10. Miengo Surfing Games is to organize groups for surfing levels, led by the instructors of the Special Surf School. At the same time it made a lot of workshops, all related to the beach, surfing and healthy living environment, safety at sea, salvage, construction of tables, pilates, yoga, music, etc … The organization is Miengo by the City Council, City Surf School and Surf Club Special Miengo. Surfcantabria.com participating in this event as web partner. In extending full program of activities and information about registrations.

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Typical dishes: baked mountain (based on beans and cabbage), cooked lebaniego (chickpeas), pot, pot and sorropotún railway as highlights.

Meat: cow, ox, deer, roe deer and wild boar. Prepared on the grill, or stewed with vegetables.

Reputation livestock in the region and its terrain and weather conditions favorable for breeding of cattle led to the European Union adopted the name “meat Cantabria” as “protected geographical indication” for certain beef breeds (Tudanca, Monchina and Asturiana Asturiana and valleys of the mountain) and others as appropriate to the medium (Sedan) or integrated absorption (Pardo alpina).

Seafood: anchovies Santoña, Colindres, Laredo and Castro Urdiales, monkfish, hake, sea bass or sole, horse mackerel, sardines, anchovies, albacore, sea bream, sea bream, cabracho, besides mullet fish like trout and river salmon. Rabasa (squid to Roman) and Cachón in ink (sepia). As for seafood are: clams, mussels, muergos (knives), cockles, Necora, crabs, barnacles, lobsters, crawfish, lobster or Caracolillos.

Desserts: pasiegos Quesada and soba, and frisuelos balls of the Antichrist in the area lebaniega (similar to crepes), ties Unquera, polkas in Torrelavega (both are basically puff pastry), sacristans in Liérganes, Palucos of Cabezón de la Sal and pantortillas Reinosa.

Cheese: cheese-picón of Bejes Tresviso, quesucos of Liebana, cream cheese, etc.. (many with denomination of origin).

Drink apple cider and pomace Liebana, with its varieties (cream pomace pomace with honey, herbs pomace, etc..) Chacoli tostadillo and Potes