Situated in a valley at the entrance to the road Santillana de Puente San Miguel, is the compound where hundreds of biological species living together in a unique environment, from bison to ass and from reptiles to butterflies, whose campus is lush in vegetation and colorful.

Important in its teaching and research with various programs for the conservation and reproduction of endangered species.
Because you can walk through a rainforest from hundreds of beautiful BUTTERFLIES live and dozens of exotic orchids.

Because maybe you will see how they feed and if you dare to touch one of the more than 100 snakes and other .. it and the nursey born more than 50 throughout the summer and the public eye!
Live here because some of the primates of the most rare and beautiful world: Sumatran orangutans, chimpanzees, lemurs, Cercopítecos, mandrels, titis, tamarins … many with their babies.

Because they see many other animals from all corners of the planet: Panteras de las Nieves, Sumatran Tigers, Bears, Tarantulas, Scorpions, Fish … Thousands of animals from more than 450 different species!
Because you can see a unique spectacle: 1200 GARCILLAS, herons and CIGÜEÑA living free in the evening and return in groups to the Zoo to rest. ¡The treetops of the Zoo is filled with hundreds of beautiful birds!.

Because at the farm of the ZOO can hear the smallest breeds of hens and rabbits, pigs Vietnam, donkeys, goats and other domestic animals. Also the garden, fruit trees …
Because the Zoo is a botanical garden with over 300 trees of 60 different species …

Because you worked with your visit conservation programs in this and many other species that are endangered.